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6 Ways to Support Vaginal Health and Balance pH

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

The health of your vagina, or yoni, is essential to your overall wellbeing. If you've struggled with reoccurring health problems in this space, these tips will help you find balance. Heal the physical : emotional connection in your body and find support by applying to work with Cassandra here.


Most women grow up with a stigma that learning, discussing and talking about our bodies and things like menstrual health, vaginal care and other womanly-related problems is taboo and shameful. Luckily though, things are changing.

There is a growing number of women who are ready for deeper knowledge and an understanding of their bodies so that they can be empowered in their health and in healing. Thank you for choosing the path to understand your sacred body and for being part of the stigma transformation! You deserve to feel empowered in your health - vaginal health included!

Now, let’s dive into how to take good care of your reproductive health and simple tips to support your overall vaginal health.

6 Important Tips to Support Vaginal Health

-Switch to Menstrual Cup 

Chemically-soaked tampons and pads wreck havoc to our vaginal health and bodies. Menstrual cups are a safer and much healthier alternative to these commercial products. Learn more on the dangers of these commercial products and why you should switch to menstrual cups now! They are also less likely to disrupt vaginal flora or cause inflammation in the vagina. We love and recommend the Lena Cup. You can also see 11 reasons why we love menstrual cups here.

Menstrual cups are life changing tools

-Choose organic cotton underwear

Most underwear is made from synthetic materials and fibers. These may look cute and attractive, but they are prone to trap bacteria and prevent our vagina from breathing. Personally, we love Pact Organics and many of their organic alternatives. Going commando occasionally also helps your vagina to breath and detoxify naturally.

-Be gentle in the shower

Be kind to your vagina when cleaning it in the shower. It does not need to be heavily scrubbed with anti-bacterial products and soap and ironically, this can even contribute to bacterial and yeast overgrowths. Instead, wash the vagina gently with lukewarm water. Use natural and organic soaps like Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap only on the exterior of your vagina. As you switch to only using water to clean your vagina, you'll notice your health improve and your pH normalize.

-Explore vaginal steaming

This is a long-aged practice that supports circulation flow and may detoxify and cleanse the vagina. You can learn more about vaginal steaming here or listen to our podcast in this link. Many women have reported massive changes in their vaginal health from steaming, and it's one of our favorite modalities! Purchase your custom vaginal steam kit here to get started.

Use natural products to support vaginal health

-Drink your water

Hydrating well does not only help you get glowing skin, but it also supports a healthy vagina. Drink at least half of your weight in ounces a day, and see noticeable changes in your vaginal health!

-Add red raspberry leaf tea to your daily routine

Red Raspberry Leaf has been known to do wonders for reproductive health and supporting vaginal health. It has been used by midwives over the years to support reproductive health, tone the uterus and support fertility. A single cup a day will promote uterine toning, pH regulation and nourish your body with iron.

Most of us have been led to believe negative things about our vaginas, and that they are inherently dirty. Choose to see your vagina as your most sacred and honored space. Weave these thoughts and tips into your life and start seeing results. And if you are ready to address your vaginal and cyclical health and find empowerment in your health, apply to work with Cassandra here.

May this article help you on your journey!

In gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

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