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Rooting and Growing: November Insights from Cassandra

I cannot believe it's already November! The leaves here have been in full vibrant color and now they're slowly falling from the trees. The weather is now cool daily. You can feel winter in the air.

The cover photo is from my trip to Los Angeles last week and I'm DEFINITELY dreaming of that magical beach weather. Stay tuned for a blog all about that trip and the epic business seminar I attended!

Last month in October's insights, I shared with you some vulnerable thoughts about change and healing. Honestly, I was resisting change in many ways - the weather, the seasons, and change in my life in general.

As someone who has been a self proclaimed flowing human being, I was stumped as to why I was suddenly so afraid of change, and it took me weeks of sitting with it to finally uncover what was beneath the surface.

More often than not, it is our light we fear, not our shadow. I've been standing on the brink of some massive new projects, collaborations and changes in GoddessCeremony and my personal brand, and so I created resistance to try and cope with the idea that almost everything is changing.

I'm reminding both you and myself that change is GOOD and necessary.

A couple days ago I was organized my desk and found the manifestation I had written out in January during a Manifestation Women's Circle I led in Salt Lake City, and what it read shocked me. I had specifically been calling in an amazing partner into my life.

I remember what it had felt like to write those words in January. My heart longed for it and yet it also felt so distant. I wondered who this man would be and how we would connect and meet.

Who would've thought that I'd be winding down 2019 with a man that is everything I have manifested and more and that we'd be settling into our life together? He has been such a blessing and been the ultimate pillar of strength, consistency and support in my life, and so amidst the change, I feel the unwavering support of the masculine.

I am reminded that change is inevitable and we can either ride the wave or resist it. I can resist the projects bursting through my being, but who does that serve? Does that contribute to the world in a positive way? Does that honor my message?

Often it's the unexpected things that are the most beautiful, and so as I stand on the brink of launching my personal brand, watch my podcast BLOSSOM with so much momentum, see my relationship root in such a magnetic way and see GoddessCeremony rise as the leader in women's events, I am reminded that change is a necessary element in the Universe and it is good.

I am rooting in the change, the flow and the unknown and growing into it. I lovingly invite you to do the same.

How is 2019 winding down for you? What wisdom feels pertinent to you? Journal about it.

Big love,


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