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  • Cassandra Wilder

Illness and Humility

Few things are a humbling as getting sick. Whether you've been hit with the occasional cold or received a life changing diagnosis, getting sick has a way of humbling us at our core.

Over the last week I've been in the midst of my own healing journey after coming in contact with a nasty virus. At the beginning of the week, I was my normal active self, enjoying a variety of spin classes, HIIT workouts, rock climbing and evening hikes. By the end of the week, I was in so much pain that walking around my home was enough to bring me to tears.

How quickly my entire reality shifted.

And isn't it interesting how often we don't appreciate something until it's gone?

I had never really thanked my body for being able to do something as simple as walk down the street. What a simple pleasure it was to be able to sleep a full night without being in pain. What a remarkable thing it was to be able to bathe and make myself food without needing to rest.

While getting sick can be painful, traumatic and overwhelming, I do believe there's a special silver lining to it all. It reminds us what we can be grateful for. It reminds us that the simple act of being alive is a beautiful gift.

While the first few days of this sickness had me kicking and screaming as I asked myself "why me?" and "how am I so incredibly sick?! I eat well! I exercise! What gives?!"

But after the initial resentment and shock subsides, we are left with a beautiful moment of appreciation.

Since healing and recovering completely, I can tell you I have so much more awareness and appreciation. The simple act of hiking is something I savor. Making myself dinner is a special time for me. Sleeping through the night brings me so much joy.

If you're healing right now, bring gratitude. Extend appreciation. Remember that this too shall pass. Find joy in the simplest of things.

It is all here to teach us.

With love,


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