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  • Sarah Del Rey

This Too Shall Pass

“This too shall pass” is a wise saying. It reminds us of the simple fact that nothing permanent. Everything is temporary. We are in a constant state of change. We are in an ebb and flow state.

If you’re having a tough time, are at a low point, or experiencing a difficult situation, it’s as easy to recall that, “this too shall pass” and feel some type of relief.

We don’t have to dwell on hard times. We have to let things go. Nothing lasts forever! Dwelling and worrying on things won’t change them.

It’s okay to feel certain emotions about a tough situation. You should, it’s healthy to feel things and release. But holding onto them won’t help. Don’t worry about what went wrong. Look for the silver lining. Feel what you must and move forward toward a solution.

“This too shall pass” means the feelings you are having are fleeting, so don’t fret!

A follow up positive affirmation is, “everything will work out in divine harmony.”

With positive thoughts and affirmations, you are opening yourself up for clarity, healing, abundance, and anything else that brings you peace rather than dwelling, worrying, having low energy, and giving off and receiving negative vibes.

Find your center in tough times. You may have to ground yourself and take time away to balance out.


There are a few excellent practices that help in dealing with tough times and situations that we highly recommend.


~Meditating (with crystals, essential oils)

~Breathe work

~Sound healing

~Positive affirmations and mantras


~Spending time in nature



Always remember that “this too shall pass.” You won’t be down forever. Everything will work out, we are sure of it and it’s up to you to believe that too!

We are always here to remind you of this and support you in any way that we can!

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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