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  • Sarah Del Rey

Why Alkaline Foods are Healing

What are alkaline foods exactly? Well first, we must know that the pH scale is 0 to 14. Anything with a pH less than 7 is considered acidic, anything with a pH of 7 is considered neutral, And anything with a pH greater than 7 is considered alkaline.

In regards to food, we know that typically meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs, grain, and alcohol are considered acidic foods. Neutral foods include natural fats, starches, and sugars. And alkaline foods are typically fruits, nuts, legumes, and vegetables.

But why is this important and why does this matter? It’s important to have a balanced diet and to feed your body the nutrients it needs to thrive. It matters what you feed your body.

It’s said that acid-producing foods lower the pH level of the blood and cause an accumulation of acid build up. The pH of blood is slightly alkaline in nature, with a normal pH level of between 7.35 and 7.45. So having a predominantly acidic diet may cause you to experience negative health effects such as heart disease and other dis-eases. For example, the acidity produced in your body after consuming some foods may enter your urine and can cause a type of kidney stone to form. It’s also been theorized that too much acidity may cause bone and muscle deterioration.

Eating an alkaline diet "claims to help your body maintain its blood pH level." There are many other health benefits to eating a predominantly alkaline diet, such as increased energy levels, weight loss, improved immunity, reduced inflammation. An alkaline diet is low in sodium and high in vitamins and minerals. It’s a great way to consume an abundance of nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants and improve health and combat disease.

We know that alkaline foods are typically fruits, nuts, legumes, and vegetables, so below you will find foods listed for each. Use this list to pick out alkalizing foods to incorporate into your daily diet! Eat raw when you can and always try to buy organic. And make alkaline swaps. For example, switch from cow's milk to hemp milk, or white flour to spelt flour. Enjoy what you eat and know that it’s making a positive difference in your body and overall health! Health is wealth!

Alkaline Foods -


~All Berries








~Hemp Seed


~Brazil Nuts

~Raw Sesame Seeds









~Cherry/Plum Tomatoes

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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