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  • Sarah Del Rey

Sound Healing 101

Sound therapy, also known as sound healing is a powerful form of vibrational medicine. These vibrations are regarded to promote and improve both physical and emotional well-being.

Known benefits of these powerful frequencies include being able to:

~Reduce stress and anxiety significantly

~Lower anger and blood pressure

~Improve circulation and increases blood flow

~Create deep relaxation and pain relief

~Balance chakras

~Increase mental and emotional clarity

~Promote stillness, happiness and well being

There are a number of certain frequencies that are able to amplify any experience and enhance your life!

Some of these frequencies and their purposes include:

~174 Hertz - Removes pain

~285 Hertz - Influences Bio-Energy Field

~396 Hertz - Liberates you of fear and guilt

~417 Hertz - Facilitates change

~432 Hertz - Miracle tone of nature

~528 Hertz - Repairs DNA

~639 Hertz - Heals relationships

~741 Hertz - Awakens intuition

~852 Hertz - Attracts soul tribe

~963 Hertz - Connects with light & spirit

The best time to listen to these frequencies can be while meditating, going to sleep, getting ready in the morning, driving, and so on!

There are a number of different sound healing instruments. Some of these instruments include:

~Singing Bowls

~ Tuning Forks

~ Drums

~ Harp

Sound healing can be facilitated by a professional or you can listen on your own! The internet is a great resource to utilize in finding tones and binaural beats. No matter if you’re attending a sound bath, which is a guided meditation and sacred sound concert using Singing Bowls, or downloading frequencies on Spotify, the outcome can and will be calming and healing.

Sound therapy is a sacred healing art. Anyone can benefit from sound vibrations, even plants, and pets! It’s really fun to experiment with sound healing and find out what tools and frequencies resonate with you best. One of my favorite times to utilize sound healing is while meditating. I find that it really helps in reaching a deeper level of meditation. You can also combine other healing tools and methods to amplify an experience, such as diffusing essential oils while listening to a certain frequency.

Have you experienced sound healing? Or have a favorite frequency or sound healing instrument?! Please feel free to share!

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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