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  • Sarah Del Rey

Beginning an Empowering Meditation Practice

Meditation is a vital part of my life. It's beneficial in many ways and something I hold close to my heart and strive to do every day.

My practice began in 2014. I started listening to guided meditations to help get to sleep, and it's been helping me most nights ever since! I found it incredibly powerful because I used to have the hardest time falling asleep.

The guided meditation would aid me into a peaceful state, breathing deeply and quieting the mind. I eventually began trying this guided meditation during the day and outside in nature.

Having someone guide you can be a great beginners tool. It helps keep you focused and not let your mind wander in multiple directions.

I love the app, “Insight Timer”. It’s a free meditation app which allows you to listen to thousands of different guided meditations and mindful talks. It’s an amazing platform that I take full advantage of.

Once I felt comfortable and confident, I started meditating without guidance. I could take deep breaths and quiet my own mind!

I love the quote, "The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness" because it's so true!

Your mind can be a busy place, thought after thought, idea after idea, so much thinking, and so much energy! It can get exhausting! That's why it's beneficial for you. You owe yourself that mental break. To get a fresh start, to refocus, for a clear headspace.

Meditation comes in many forms too, not just guided or quieting the mind. I believe being mindful of your thoughts can be just as meditative. Observing what thoughts pop into your head and what you actually do with them is very interesting. Do you allow your thoughts to pass or do you get hung up on certain things? Are you overthinking when you should be fully present? These are great questions to ask in order to be mindfully meditative.

Another form comes in getting lost in a hobby you enjoy, a book, or yoga flow. These serve as meditative state because it takes away the thinking and adds the flow of pure presence and enjoyment.

All that really matters is giving yourself that mental break, in any form that feels good or natural for you. Or maybe you practice all of these methods at different times depending on what you need!

We also have a womb meditation available for purchase here if you want to connect to this powerful space.

I'd love to hear about your meditation practices and what you find to be the most beneficial way to you!

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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