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The Power of Surrender and the Power of Action

Two seemingly opposite energies surround each and every one of us throughout lives - the question of when is it time to surrender and when is it time to take action.

While many of us have operated in a very masculine mindset and busily created to-do lists, meetings and busy schedules, this often leads to burnout, dissatisfaction and a disconnect from self. But on the opposite end of the spectrum, operating in a heavily feminine mindset may lead us to feel passive, tired and in such a state of flow that we miss out on powerful opportunities.

Both the feminine and masculine energies within us are vital and key and learning how to tap into each one at appropriate times is a powerful practice in development and healing.

There are certainly times when we must know how to surrender, trust and believe we will be guided to something better, and there are certainly times when we must take the first step and boldly take action.

But how do we know when the right time is? What are the signs we need to be able to read?

To be able to read your body and your intuition is the greatest tool we have to understand when to trust and when to create.

When you feel a large decision arise, let your first instinct be to get still and listen. Perhaps it is completely out of your hands and perhaps it's a huge decision weighing on your shoulders. Whatever the case, become quiet and listen.

If you choose to listen to your intuition and trust what immediately rises to the surface, likely you'll know very quickly what your next step is. Your next step may be to allow things to flow as they're meant to. For example, perhaps you just applied to a job, had an amazing interview and simply haven't heard back yet. When you consult your intuition, you feel called to give space and allow things to align with this job the way they're meant to.

On the other hand, you may be feeling called to start coaching or have an online presence to support others. While you may want to simply trust in the process and let clients find you through word of mouth, likely your intuition will whisper to you that it's time to take action, to create a website, start a podcast, create a private Facebook group and offer complimentary 30 minute sessions.

So yes, you could've just trusted, but is that what's right? No, likely this calls for massive, bold action.

The key here is to get out of your head and return to the wisdom of your heart and your gut (your intuition). It is here that these answers lie.

Understanding the balance of surrender and action can be challenging, but the more awareness we offer to the subject, the more in tune we'll become. See what happens for you as you tune into the wisdom of surrender AND action.

With gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

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