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Be the Hero of Your Own Story

A phrase that has replayed in my mind over and over the last few months has given me strength through the most difficult moments and inspiration in the most beautiful ones.

"Be the Hero of your own story."

For many years I waited around for someone else to save me, to fix me and give me the tools I needed to grow. I kept waiting for a healer or a guru to wave a magic wand so that I could be empowered and ready for the next step in my life. Sound familiar?

So many of us have grown up with this mentality cemented into our minds. The idea that someone else will fix us or heal us is perhaps the most damaging belief any of us have ever been taught.

I would like to counter this limiting belief with this: What if you were the hero of your own story?

What would it look like for you to be your own healer? To be your own greatest teacher? To pull yourself through the darkest moments and most empowering moments with the same love and perseverance?

One of the most life changing things I've realized over the last few months of my life is that I am the only person who can heal myself. Yes, I can seek guidance and wisdom from others, but ultimately it is up to me to apply it, live it and embody it.

To be the hero of your story is to own your beliefs, limiting and otherwise, and choose to reframe them. To be the hero of your story is to powerfully choose how you want to live each day. To be the hero of your story is to show up for yourself and do the work.

While it can be feel scary, it's also the most liberating thing I've ever done. By rising up as my own healer and hero, I have made major decisions in my life that have led me to a place of greater joy and inspiration than ever before.

You too, sister, deserve to embody this feeling.

Are you ready to become the hero of your story?

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