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How to Cleanse and Recharge Crystals with the Full Moon

The Full Moon is a potent energy that rises every 29 1/2 days. The Full Moon offers us so much wisdom ~ space to reflect within, to create, to be bold, to find passion and to celebrate. But this sacred time also offers the space of renewal and healing.

With every Full Moon you have the opportunity to recharge both yourself and the items you call sacred. Many people around the world talk about the importance of cleansing crystals with the Full Moon but what does that really mean?


-Sacred Links for the Full Moon-


Crystals are powerful tools that provide healing and guidance. They are also very permeable to energy and frequencies. This is why many crystal teachers and masters have talked about the importance of regularly cleansing your crystals so that you can clear away any old or stagnant energy attached to them.

As human beings, we are similar. We are permeable to energies, frequencies and emotions and these things can either uplift and empower us or hurt and suppress us. The Full Moon is powerful because it has the ability to clear away the old, recharge and replenish us as human beings as well as sacred items like crystals.

Here's how to clear and recharge your crystals with the Full Moon~

1) Gather your crystals and bring them outside if possible. If you live in an apartment, you could lay them on your balcony or a windowsill. If possible, it's preferred to put them directly on the earth but do what is feasible for you

2) Set the intention with your crystals that the Full Moon will clear away any old or stagnant energy and recharge them to be as potent and healing as possible

3) Leave them out overnight

4) The next day, bring your crystals back inside and set new intentions with them. Keep in mind that youve now cleared away all old attachments with the crystals so now you need to set a new intention. Your crystals are healing tools but they can only be as healing as your intentions. You can pick up each one or a group of them and set a healing intention in the form of an affirmation.

For example, you could pick up a piece of rose quartz and say "I am loved, safe and compassionate." With a piece of black obsidian, you could say "I am divinely protected always." Keep it simple but authentic. This will allow your crystals to know how best to serve you.

And that's it! Super simple! It's recommended to do this with every Full Moon (generally once a month) to keep your crystals charged and as effective as possible.

There are a few crystals that do not need to be cleansed regularly and these include moldavite, kyanite and selenite. If you want to l earn more about crystals, you can see the top 3 crystals for women here or follow MeadowExpressions online for powerful crystal wisdom!

With gratitude,

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