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Why Creating an Evening Ritual is Exactly What You've Been Craving

Do you ever begin to wind down for the evening only to find yourself mindlessly scrolling Instagram or Netflix?

Often this is the time in our day when we don't really want to work or focus on things from the day and instead we desire a simple way to de-stress, relax and find balance. If you are looking for new ways to implement evening ritual into your life, this blog post is for you!

Evening ritual or routine is anything that supports you in feeling good and centered. Rather than reaching for the TV remote or Facebook feed, practicing evening ritual will allow you to have a sacred and consistent routine that supports you in feeling at peace and in alignment.

Here are 5 ideas for Evening Rituals you can implement ~

1. Carve out some time every evening to go for a walk around your neighborhood or a nearby hike. This is one of my personal favorite evening routines because the simple act of moving and getting fresh air is so incredibly healing. Some evenings I'll go for a 20 minute walk and other evenings I'll be gone over an hour. While I'm walking, I'll listen to empowering podcasts and music to keep me motivated.

2. Sage yourself and your home every evening. This is a great way to clear away any negative energy from the day (this is an especially good thing to do if you had a difficult day!) and it's also really meditative to cleanse your home. Make a routine out of this sacred practice - you'll likely notice you sleep better when your space is cleared like this.

3. Roll out your yoga mat and flow. You don't need to practice yoga for a full 60 minutes like a regular studio class. Instead, turn on some good music and just see what happens! You might be inspired to flow for 5 minutes or 20 minutes. You can also modify your practice to be in alignment with what you really need in that moment. Maybe your practice is 20 minutes of pigeon pose and child's pose or maybe you need an active, faster pace practice. Honor what you need and just flow.

4. Create a spa routine each night. Take a shower and intentionally wash away anything that no longer serves you. You can give yourself a face mask, paint your nails, oil pull or spend extra time treating yourself to a nourishing routine. This could also be a great time to do vaginal steaming.

5. Feed your mind empowering information. Take 30 minutes before bed to read instead of watching TV. You can see a list of 11 books we recommend here or you can find another one that inspires you. Feed your mind with high vibration information before bed and you'll notice a difference in the way you sleep and your dreams.

Maybe your ideal evening ritual is a combination of all of these or something completely different. Honor what you need each evening and see if you can make time for it every day.

I encourage you to try offering yourself this healing space every evening for a week. I guarantee you'll see a huge difference in your mood and sleep.

With gratitude,

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