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How to Lead a Women's Circle in Your Community

Leading a sacred women's circle is a huge service to your community. Not only does a women's circle create a healing and supportive space for women, but it also allows like minded women to connect in sisterhood.

A women's circle is a welcoming and healing space for women to gather. Free of judgement and competition, a women's circle replaces these hurtful behaviors with support, communication, respect and reverence.

The study of sacred women's circles is vast and spans thousands of years. Women have gathered within a sacred circle space for centuries, honoring the sacred space of sisterhood!

If you've been hearing the call to offer sacred women's circles in your community but you feel that you don't have all of the tools needed to create this healing space, our Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix Training may call to you!

This sacred training is for any woman who feels ready to create sacred women's circles in her community and support women on their journeys. This sacred training will teach you the art of circle leading, how to create a women's circle, the importance of energy exchange, how to honor different moon times, the wisdom of the lunar cycles, how to use sacred tools within a circle space, how to hold a traditional holiday celebration, how to approach conflict, the art of manifestation, sacred ritual, creating a warm and healing space and so much more!

This sacred program dives into the art of women's circle leading and how you can offer this sacred space to your community!

The Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix Training includes~

-8 weeks of online study as we dive into women's wisdom, sacred circles and empowering personal practices

-4 day all-inclusive retreat (with lodging, organic meals and workshops included!)

-1 private 1:1 session with Cassandra

-multiple group sessions to discuss lunar wisdom

-sacred woManual to support you in leading circles

-gorgeous sacred Toolbox full of powerful tools for you to begin leading circles

-listing on under 'Find a Women's Circle' with over 20,000 clicks per month

-sacred Creatrix certification

-and so much more!

This is the only program that combines all of these sacred teachings into one powerful, life changing certification program.

Are you ready to birth sacred circles into your community? Are you ready to stand as the Creatrix?

Begin your sacred journey with us! Our next round begins soon!


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