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Why Women's Circles are Life Changing

Whether you go to a sacred women's circle every month or if you've never set foot into a sacred circle space, this blog post is for you!

A question we often receive from women around the world as they search for women's circles and contemplate if a circle is right for them is "How are women's circles life changing? What makes them so transformative?"

And we are happy to share why a women's circle is so deeply nourishing for women.

A women's circle is often a life changing space for a number of reasons, among them ~

1. A women's circle provides women with a supportive and healing space to simply BE. With no judgements or obligations, women are offered the space to be authentic and raw in who they are.

How many of us feel as though we have to put on a different persona at our job, around our family or with our children? It's so common for us to take on multiple roles and quite frankly, it's incredibly exhausting. A women's circle is a breath of fresh air to many women because they finally exist within a space where it is okay to be honest and raw.

Whether you've had an intense and stressful day or the best day of your life, you are supported where you are at for who you are.

2. A women's circle is a safe space to process difficult things. To sit within a circle of like-minded women and feel safe to share vulnerable, present things is incredibly liberating! Within a women's circle, women are encouraged to share what is real for them in their life and feel the support of their community.

Again, whether you have some heavy things to process or wish to share a great accomplishment or celebration in your life, it feels so very sacred to be witnessed by your community.

3. A women's circle heals the wound between women. How many of us have had a negative experience with another woman or felt judged, criticized or misunderstood by another woman?

Probably all of us. A women's circle provides women with the space to feel the safety of sisterhood again and heal the wounds of the past.

4. A women's circle allows like-minded women to gather. If you are seeking a community of like-minded women, a women's circle is an incredible space to meet new friends.

One of the greatest blessings of a women's circle is watching lifelong friendships form and feeling the connection between women. We truly were meant to have women as close friends and so it feels very sacred to create a friendship with a like-minded sister!

I hope you can feel the magic of women gathering. If you can go to a women's circle, go.

You will likely leave a different person.

If you are looking for a women's circle in your area, you can view our Find a Women's Circle page to see if there is a women's circle leader near you!

Or, if you have been feeling called to create a women's circle in your community, we have a few spots left for our Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix Training! Learn how to hold space for the women in your community and lead powerful women's circles! Learn more about the Creatrix Training here

The feminine and sisterhood are rising!

In gratitude,

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