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Happy Earth Day and How to Celebrate Mother Earth

Happy Earth Day, sisters!

Every year on April 20th we are reminded of our impact on the earth and are encouraged to do our part to support the health and wellbeing of Mother Earth.

Especially as we begin to do our own inner work and as we connect to the Divine Feminine, create healthy bonds with other women in our lives and revive the sacredness of sisterhood, we often find that we also feel pulled to connect with the earth deeper than ever before.

As we become women on the path of the Divine Feminine, we often find that we desire to support Mother Earth

While there are many things that we can do to support the earth and express our gratitude, I find that often in the moment we tend to forget what little things can make a huge impact.

So, here is a list of 16 things you can do to support Mother Earth and support the Divine Feminine within each of us~

1. Recycle ~ Take the extra couple minutes each day to toss your plastics, glass and cardboard into a separate box or bin for recycling. If you are recycling, make sure that you rinse everything before recycling it. Yes, that includes PB jars!

2. Purchase used or organic clothing ~ Purchasing clothes at a thrift store supports the earth by decreasing the amount of manufacturing going on in the world. Or, if thrifting isn't your thing, buying organic clothing that is sustainably made is also a much better option that cheap, factory made clothing.

3. Offer your gratitude to the earth ~ Take time to sit outside and thank the earth for the many blessings she provides you. Make a gratitude journal and write out everything you are grateful for. Grateful for sunshine, mountains and beautiful forests? Share that gratitude with the earth!

4. Purchase foods that are grown locally ~ Support local farmers in your community by going to farmers markets for your produce. Not only are you supporting small businesses, but you are also getting food that is much fresher than most produce at the grocery store

5. Plant trees ~ Plant a new tree in your yard or in a local forest. By planting more trees, you'll support the earth in becoming a healthier place.

6. Get a reusable coffee mug ~ If you are a coffee lover, consider buying a reusable coffee mug that you can use daily. Most coffee shops are more than happy to pour your coffee into your mug instead of a new cup every day.

7. Walk or bike when you can ~ Instead of driving to the gym or yoga studio, see if there are ways to bike or walk. Making small changes in your driving habits will support the earth hugely in the long run.

8. Opt out of junk mail ~ If you get a mailbox full of junk mail each day, there are ways to stop receiving it. This website will remove you from the list of most promotional brands and magazines.

9. Stop using disposable forks and spoons ~ Instead of using a plastic fork every time you eat out, consider bringing a fork from home or purchasing a bamboo set of silverware. This can be kept in your car to use whenever you eat out!

10. Plant your own garden ~ Plant your own organic garden in your yard and enjoy the bounty of nourishing fruits and vegetables! Not only are you eating more nutritious food, but you are also not supporting foods that have been transported thousands of miles. (Think apples from Argentina)

11. Opt out of to-go containers and instead eat at the restaurant or bring your own glass container ~ This simple shift will reduce the amount of waste in the world and reduce the amount of trees being cut down for paper boxes and napkins.

12. Make the switch ~ Make the switch from regular pads and tampons to reusable menstrual cups or pads. See our blog post all about the different menstrual product options here.

13. Say no to GMOs. GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, have eradicated thousands of traditional heirloom species of various fruits and vegetables. GMO foods are typically also sprayed with toxic herbicides and pesticides like glyphosate, a chemical that is known to disrupt soil pH and negatively affect the earth. You can support the earth by purchasing organic foods.

14. Be part of a beach or road clean up ~ If you live in an area where trash is a problem, consider going and picking up trash for a few hours. Go alone or gather a group of friends to support the effort.

15. Stop spraying your lawn with toxic chemicals ~ If your yard has a few dandelions in it, no worries! Having a few "weeds" in your yard is far better than using dangerous chemicals like RoundUp.

16. Buy things at the grocery store that are not wrapped in plastic ~ Sometimes manufacturers use a lot of unnecessary packaging on their containers. If you have a great health food store in your area, consider opting out of plastic bags for your fruits and veggies and instead bring a small reusable bag. If you can purchase loose greens and put them in your own container, try to do that instead of buying salad greens in a large plastic container. See what you can do to avoid purchasing things with lots of packaging.

Get outside and soak up beautiful Mother Nature today! And let us know what other ways you like to support the earth below!

In gratitude,

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