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Full Moon in Gemini December 2017

The Full Moon burns bright in the sky December 3rd, 2017. Aligning in the sign of Gemini and on the day of Mercury going Retrograde once again, duality is the theme of this SuperMoon.

Gemini ~ an air sign represented by two twins offers us the perspective of two opposing feelings or truths. With this being the last full moon of 2017, we may have mixed feelings about our next step in life. Do you feel as though half of you is calling you in one direction while the other half of you craves something else?

If you are feeling mixed emotions with this full moon time, you are not alone. Many women are sharing that they feel overwhelmed and anxious while also feeling hopeful and confident. Gemini offers us this exact time of introspection.

Mercury also goes Retrograde December 3rd potentially causing some miscommunication and shadow work until it goes direct again before Christmas December 22nd. See my thoughts on this Mercury in Retrograde at the bottom of this post. *

So, here we all are.

Standing in the light of this Full Moon, feeling energized and emotional and nearing the end of this year.

I want to encourage you to get clear on your journey, callings and desires and manifest powerfully with this full moon. With gemini's influence, it may be harder than usual to get clear, but I think this is part of this moon's challenge. Can you get clear in your heart and mind? Read about how to manifest powerfully and in alignment with your soul path.

It is somewhat ironic that this Full Moon aligns in Gemini, the sign of communication, while Mercury moves Retrograde, at times creating barriers for communication.

Be mindful of your boundaries and take time to fully express your emotions.

My suggestions on how to honor this Full Moon~

1. Manifest, sisters! This is such a perfect time to get clear on what you are creating in your life!

2. Create your Full Moon ritual bath salt blend. As you soak in this healing blend of salts, take time to be introspective and feel into where this full moon is guiding you.

3. Journal on the duality within yourself. What side of you comes alive during the full moon, at your peak or in your most empowered state? Is there another side of you that craves silence, alone time and conscious communication? Writing out the parts of you that come alive at some moments and not at others allows you to see the essence of who you are.

Take time for YOU, tonight sister and allow the moon to illuminate what you need to see. Trust and be open. And so it is.

In lunar blessings,

Cassandra Wilder

* A note on mercury retrograde *

For those of you wanting to understand this shift and why it is significant, I want to touch on what may come up for you in the coming weeks. Many people share that this time will bring up a barrier in communication, electronics may not work as well, this is not a time to make large commitments, etc. I find that many of us learn to dread the time of mercury in retrograde and think of it as a time of major misalignment. I also believed that for many years. Please read How to Thrive When Mercury Goes Retrograde to understand this time better and find more empowerment in it as well!

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