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New Moon in Leo + Massive Eclipse August 2017

If you have a Facebook page or have been looking at the news lately, you have heard of the eclipse happening Monday, August 21st, 2017.

Power. Transformation. Shifting. Rebirth. Decay.

These are just a few of the words that astrologers are using to describe this shifting time.

Also on Monday, the New Moon aligns in Leo. This is the first eclipse in 99 years to be visible from across the United States and so people from across North America are gathering towards the north to witness this spectacular moment.

The eclipse will last in the sky for approximately 2 minutes, offering this magical site to all of us.

Likely, you have also noticed things in your own life falling out of alignment or becoming harder in the last few days. The eclipse has stirred the pot and now it is nearly ready to be served.

This eclipse and new moon and other planetary alignment seem to be pointing towards one beautiful alignment:

the balance of the masculine and feminine

As the feminine rises, as do we remember the wisdom and grace of Mother Earth, we remember the wisdom of the feminine and the power within our wombs and we see women begin to live as connected and authentic beings.

Things are shifting to create a world that is more in alignment with balance. As the divine feminine rises, as does the divine masculine.

This eclipse reminds us that the world will only fully be changed through love, respect and unity.

We are honored to have just completed a beautiful Goddess Retreat in Utah over this powerful weekend and we certainly watched divine feminine rise within these incredible women.

As things continue to rock and change, stay consistent and grounded. Remember that peace is an internal state and not an environment. You have the power to remain strong and grounded in who you are.

Whether you feel called to be outside amongst the eclipse or at home fasting and looking within, this is a beautiful portal of change for all of us.

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