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Full Moon in Aquarius + Eclipse August 2017

For many of us, July has been an interesting month! As the eclipse approaches in just a few weeks and as we align in this full moon in Aquarius, big shifts are happening.

If you've been feeling extra flustered, irritated or confused by the twists and turns in life lately, you are not alone. Shifts have been happening during the last few weeks and so many of us have watched plans dissolve and things change unexpectedly.

Eclipses tend to encourage us to look at our internal selves rather than our external lives. While we watch things fall out of alignment in our worlds, we always have the opportunity to come inside and to a maintain peace from within. No matter how chaotic or stressful life can become, it is up to us to create a healing, peaceful and grounded state within.

The full moon in Aquarius is a deep time to return to your inward state and to plant the garden of your soul. Take care of yourself, trust that you are being guided to the right path.

How has this Full Moon been for you?

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