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Full Moon in Sagittarius June 2017

The sacred full moon is here and with it, the sense of empowerment and gratitude. As the moon glows, we feel called to be under her healing light, the way women have for thousands of years.

Friday, June 9th, the moon aligns in Sagittarius as the moon glows full.

Sagittarius is a fire element sign that is well known for precision, determination and power. This sacred sign reminds us to stay focused on what we truly want and to let go of the small things that we continue to dabble in.

This is our time to get clear on our goals and aspirations.

The precision of an arrow is often the symbol associated with Sagittarius and so you can begin to ask yourself, what am I moving towards? What am I creating in my life?

Are these things in alignment with my highest self?

As you begin to shift your priorities, be aware of your emotional state. Are you feeling tinges of anger or sadness? Are you feeling unsure as to what you truly want to focus on and create?

Find a sacred space to sit in that. Take a few minutes to journal. What do you feel like you are on this earth to do?

Without judgement, allow yourself to flow with your writing. Write out the many different things you love to do and that help others.

A big aspect of Sagittarius is the element of Truth. What is true to you?

For this sacred Full Moon time, manifesting may be an incredible option to fully step into alignment with yourself. Read more about manifesting on our blog.


Here is our suggested Full Moon Celebration~

~find a quiet and sacred space for yourself, maybe at your sacred altar in your home

~light a candle and meditate for a few moments in the energy of the moon

~ask yourself - what am I ready to create in my life?

~begin to journal what you feel you are meant to be in this realm, what do you want to manifest or what do you desire to be?


~Download our sacred Womb Meditation for just $5 until Monday here!

Enjoy this sacred Full Moon time! Make sure you spend some time outside under the healing moonlight. Blessed Be!

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