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  • Cassandra Wilder

New Moon in Gemini May 2017

On May 25th, 2017 the moon aligns in Gemini around 12:44pm. Under the darkness of the new moon, Gemini provides a light and shifting energy.

This is not only the time of the new moon but also a super moon.

The super moon time is when the moon is closest to the earth, affecting us even deeper with the lunar reminders.

The sign of Gemini represents the air element and is often pictured as the two twins. Two personalities, two journeys, two differences ~ the Gemini spirit often displays both sides. Because a Gemini moon time can feel "up and down" or quick to shift directions, staying grounded is key.

The New Moon is traditionally a time of inwardness, letting go and reflection. A powerful time to sit with yourself and feel into your being, the super moon only magnifies the need to peer into the "darkness" and see what is ready to be cleared.


"In my personal life, I have found this new moon time to have pulled me into an inward state I have never seen before. As I menstruated just before the new moon, I felt so deeply pulled to relax, rest and rejuvenate. I found myself needing to lay down throughout the day and to just absorb the moon and my body as menstruated. Powerful!"

-Cassandra Wilder


So, how can you celebrate this new moon? Of course, take time for yourself over the next few days! As a reminder, the new moon is a time of rejuvenation and when we most need self care. Get a massage, journal, read, spend an evening alone - just find a space that recharges you.

Next, make space to journal. Have you felt the Gemini pull and felt uncentered or scattered? Make space to meditate or hike in nature to reconnect to the earth. In our ungroundedness, it is easy to become too guided by the air signs.

Is there anything you are ready to let go of? Journal and make affirmations of what you are releasing. "I let go of...."

During this new moon, I really encourage you to take time for yourself. Reconnect to yourself and let go the things that are weighing heavy on you.

You contain everything you seek.

All you have to do is trust.

Happy new moon~

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