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  • Cassandra Wilder

What is Sisterhood?

What exactly is Sisterhood is a question we often hear from women at sacred women's circles or Goddess Retreats. Why sisterhood? Why sacred sisters? What does this mean?

We appreciate the word Sisterhood because it is a word that represents the connection between women.

Sisterhood represents unity.

Sisterhood lacks competition between women and rather celebrates each other's differences and similarities.

Sisterhood lets go of jealousy and instead focuses on appreciation.

Sisterhood leaves behind gossip and instead encourages conscious communication.

Women who gather with an intention of supporting one another and walking this path together are those who are remembering the beauty of sisterhood.

We all have the choice to let go of the ways we may have been taught to compete with and judge other women. We hold the power to change our perspective and instead surround ourselves with like-minded, loving women.

There are many women's circles around the world that focus on sisterhood and empowering women. If there is not one in your area, learn how to begin leading women's circles here.

Gratitude to you sister!

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