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Full Moon in Libra April 2017 ~ Pink Moon

On April 11th, 2017 the moon aligns in the sign of Libra for a beautiful Full Moon. This full moon, also known as the Pink Moon, comes at a time of many astrological shifts and new beginnings.

The name "Pink Moon" does not mean the moon will be pink this evening but rather it was once the traditional name of the April full moon for many different cultures around the world. All full moons (and some new moons) had different names each month to represent the shifts that come with the time of that moon phase. The Pink Moon represents the time of new spring. Reflecting new life, new beginnings and growth, the Pink Moon offers us the space to bloom. We can imagine fresh pink blossoms on a tree.

The Full moon in Libra reminds us to find balance in our lives.

Libra, an air sign, can make things seem to be spiraling out of control or imbalanced. Air signs teach us that things must be flexible and that rigidity breeds breakage. Weaved together with the full Pink Moon, we see a huge call for harmony.

In this time of transition - Mercury in Retrograde and Saturn in Retrograde - we see the need for balance and compassion.

There are many astrological times when the energy is very intense and perhaps even overbearing, but this is not one of those times. The Libra full moon simply calls us to live balance again. Allow yourself to look at your life and the areas that seem imbalanced. Is something causing you stress with its chaos? Allow yourself to be still and to navigate what needs to be rebalanced.

Trust in this time and make space for self care and new healthy habits. Here are 4 tips we have for living more balance during this time (and always!):

~ put down the phone

Do you reach for your phone first thing in the morning? This is a loving reminder to put down the phone! We live in a technology filled world and beginning the day staring into your screen not only pulls you from the present moment, it also can shift your mood first thing in the morning to dread, disappointment or annoyance. Make a healthy morning ritual before using your cell phone. I personally try to practice yoga and eat breakfast before turning my phone on.

~ consider how you speak

It is easy to fall into a space of negativity. Speaking negatively about others comes so easily for most of us that many of us don't even realize we are doing it. Consider how you speak and the words you use to describe yourself, others or your life. Do you talk about what isn't working or do you talk about what you are grateful for? Do you share with others your passions or do you allow yourself to talk about what you do wrong? Returning to balance is also returning to compassion. This is an incredible book on this subject.

~ do something for yourself

As you return to balance, allow yourself to think about what would help you return to that space? A massage? An evening with some close friends? A day in the forest?

~ find physical balance

Make space for your body to move. Yoga, running, free movement, exercise - it all helps the body to reconnect to itself. Balance comes from an act of self care and nourishment. Can you offer your body this?

What does it mean to be in Mercury in Retrograde?

Yes, Mercury went Retrograde yesterday and before you feel worried, let me say something. In the astrology world, it can be easy to move into a fearful state about Mercury. Talk to most people and they will cuss when they find out Mercury is in Retrograde. But believing that the whole world is going to run less smoothly during a certain astrological time is a belief that limits us. Read more about How to Thrive When Mercury goes Retrograde.

And Saturn in Retrograde?

Saturn is in Retrograde now until August and this simply reminds us to also find balance in our lives. Living compassionately and patiently will make this experience full of ease and grace.

All moon times offer us a sacred space to grow, transform and heal.

This is our unique time to live in BALANCE.

Lunar gratitude to all of you~

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