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New Moon in Aries March 2017

On March 27th, 2017, the moon aligns in Aries during the new moon time. As the sky turns black and inward, we too feel the centered pull of this new moon time.

Aries, a fiery sign marking the first of the astrological wheel, is a sign of new beginnings. Aries energy can seem intense and overly active, but is a valuable energy in the moon phase because it paves the way for change.

Centered around transformation and renewal, Aries holds the energy of destruction to create peace. Imaging a forest fire that destroys so much of the earth and then later creates the most fertile, lovely soil is a common theme we see surrounding Aries.

Inviting us to observe our lives and where we are at, this moon time holds the space for us to explore our outer world.

An Aries moon time can inspire too much destruction and the burning of bridges. This fiery time of transformation can cause us to lose sight of our ultimate goal and let go of a bit too much.

Deciding what is now ready to shift is key with this renewing energy.

This combination of Aries and the New Moon is a perfect time to look at our own inner selves that may need to shift.

So often we focus on what needs to shift outside of us - our job, our partner, our hobbies, the weather, time - but we rarely focus on our own inner beliefs that shape what we believe to be healing vs. toxic. What if rather than focusing on anything outward, we fully surrendered to reshaping and shifting our own inner dialogue?

This moon alignment is the perfect time to look at how you think about the world around you. Can you change how you think to live in a state of more gratitude and happiness?

Maybe all shifts should start within first.

During the moon time, I encourage you to observe how you react or feel towards some situations. Is this the time to shift the biology of your beliefs?

As your journey into your own being, take plenty of space for yourself. The new moon naturally draws us inward. Allowing yourself the space to relax and rejuvenate will transform your self care practice.

If shifting your thought patterns resonated with you, I recommend checking out Louise Hay's incredible work. She has a DVD and book on this subject.

In lunar wisdom~

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