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Full Moon in Virgo March 2017

On March 12, 2017 the moon grows to it's fullest point in the sign of Virgo. Earth bearing Virgo offers us the beautiful intention of "heal thy self" in this lunar alignment.

Virgo is the ultimate sign of healing and wellness. When paired with the bright light of the full moon, we see new areas of our lives illuminated and the shadows suddenly bare. Tuning into this raw and magnetic energy is a beautiful way to honor yourself and the full moon time.

Virgo offers the symbolism of healing ourselves. After healing our old wounds and pains, we can then move forward fully connected and fully present. When we have blockages or apprehensions about tuning into the healer within, the Virgo moon phases can seem difficult, stubborn and like an uphill battle.

But if we tune into the healing nature of all things, including the healer within, we fully utilize the flowing energy of Virgo. Things flow, we move past grief, pain, fear and loss and step into a form of empowerment that only truly shows when we heal our own being.

So what does this mean- healing ourselves?

It can have many different meanings and will resonate differently for each person. But here are the main areas that we can heal in ourselves-


DISCONNECT TO THE PHYSICAL - Especially pertinent for women who feel that they have lost their connection to their bodies. Lack of awareness around a woman's menstrual cycle or other cycles within her body is a major sign of a disconnection to our physical selves.

DISCONNECT TO SPIRIT - This is a common one for women to experience. We may have left a religion that no longer felt right or perhaps we are just seeking our expression of spirit or God. Feeling spiritually abandoned is the key indicator of disconnect to spirit.

DISCONNECT TO EMOTIONS - We no longer feel emotions or we feel them intensely and all the time. We crave stability, earth and routine.


So how do we step into our own healer?

- tune into your body and the sacred cycles within. Begin to celebrate the wild woman within. Begin to trust the ebb and flow of your own being.

- honor your emotions and the feelings that come with them. Support your body and emotions naturally with flower essences. These are beautiful tools to use to help end unhealthy emotional patterns.

- find practices that pull you into your body. Massage and yoga are two amazing ways to do this. Allow yourself the gift of physical touch with a massage or tune into your breath and body for a warming practice of yoga.

- let go of the things that drain you. Look at the things that you do everyday that strip you of empowerment. Do you feel anxious after watching TV? Make a commitment to stop watching it for a week or only watch 10 minutes. Find a way that resonates with you.

The Virgo Full Moon is an ideal space for you to observe what is blocking your light from being full. The full moon time is a space for us to flourish and bloom.

How can you step into your own healer and begin to transform wounds into light? We'd love to here how you have embodied this practice below.

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