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  • Cassandra Wilder

Yoni Eggs 101

One of the most common questions we receive from women during retreats is - what are yoni eggs and how do they work? Today we are answering in full on the incredible subject of these special eggs.

Yoni eggs are made from pure crystals such as jade, rose quartz or amethyst and have been used by cultures all over the world for hundreds of years. These eggs are held inside of the body for optimal health and wellness.

Yoni is the sanskrit term for "sacred space" however over the last few hundred years has come to be synonymous with vagina. The yoni is a sacred space. Yoni I find is also a much more lovely word than vagina to use.

Yoni eggs first made their appearance in the world in ancient China where the royalty would use yoni eggs for boost intuition, to empower themselves and connect to this sacred space. Peasants were banned from using yoni eggs. Why? Because yoni eggs empower women . And this has been known for hundreds of years.

An empowered woman is a difficult woman to control.

The yoni egg is inserted into the yoni like you would a tampon and then it is held inside of the body for 20 minutes up to a couple hours. The yoni egg provides a small amount of weight into the body which can then begin to tighten, tone and strengthen the muscles inside of the yoni.

Women over the years have used yoni eggs for many reasons, but some of the most common are:

  • increased sensation in the yoni

  • heightened ability to orgasm

  • increase tone and tightness in the yoni

  • reconnect to this sacred space

  • move towards sacred sexuality

With this slight weight inside of the body, a woman can then begin to do what many call "kegels exercises". Activating the muscles inside of the yoni, she can lightly feel her pelvic floor lift and then drop.

Why do you need a yoni egg to do this? A teacher of mine once said "doing kegels without any weight inside of the yoni is like doing bicep curls with no weights. You can do it all day but you probably won't build any muscle. Pick up a weight, however, and you will activate those muscles and begin to strengthen them."

That really resonated with me. Some women choose to use a yoni egg after birth to help the yoni heal. Others use the yoni egg if they have a difficult time orgasming with their partner. Some women use yoni eggs to create a sacred self care practice around their yoni, womb space and sacred cycling.

Yoni eggs come in different sizes. They move through sizes XL to Small. Most women start with a Large or Medium. You don't want to have one that is too small as it may fall out! Small yoni eggs are not for petite women but instead they are for women who have used a yoni egg for some time and have toned the muscles in the yoni enough to be able to hold a smaller egg. Women who have given vaginal birth may need a XL or Large. As you use the egg, you will eventually need to use a smaller size.

Yoni eggs cannot get lost inside of you. In fact, the area inside of us where a tampon or yoni egg would sit is really quite small. Most yoni eggs are drilled with a small hole that can be threaded with floss if you are concerned of not being able to get the yoni egg out when you want to. (not minty floss of course!)

There is a whole sacred initiation practice that can be done with a new yoni egg after it has been cleaned and before the first use. We discuss these in our yoni egg workshops.

Yoni eggs should be cleaned before the first use and between uses to avoid harboring any bacteria. To clean, boil hot water and pour the water into a mug. When the water has cooled enough for you to be able to put a finger in the water without it being too hot, you can then put your yoni egg into the mug for 15 minutes or so. Do not put boiling water on your yoni egg! It will probably crack!

Never use a cracked or damaged yoni egg as these cracks can harbor bacteria. Also, it is important to not use the same string on your yoni egg each time if it is drilled. String like hemp or cotton can also harbor bacteria - only use a piece for one time. This is why we recommend using non-minty floss as it can easily be cut off and rethreaded between uses.

Yoni eggs are an empowering practice that can be done as often as you want to reconnect to your sacred space. The different types of yoni eggs each have their own healing characteristics as well.

  • Jade: neutral, healing stone. This was the stone traditionally used in China. Good stone to start with

  • Rose Quartz: this is the stone of love and can help replenish an area with love and healing in a gentle nurturing way. This is a great stone to use if you need more acceptance or love to your yoni

  • Amethyst: this beautiful purple stone is incredible for helping you to reconnect to your intuition and to your womb space.

  • Black Obsidian: while this is a common yoni egg option on the market, we do not recommend using black obsidian. If you use crystals regularly, you understand that this stone is very clearing and is not ideal to have inserted into the body.

Always make sure the crystal yoni egg you are buying is pure crystal! Online there are people selling yoni eggs for $15 or so - these are made in China and mixed with plastics and other metals. These are not safe!

Always purchase your yoni eggs from reputable companies. You can expect to pay $50 or so for a high quality, true crystal yoni egg.

Below are yoni eggs we recommend to women~

Yoni eggs are incredible tools! We highly recommend adding them into your self care practice. Still want more information? Feel free to message us with any questions.


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