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New Moon in Aquarius January 2017

Friday January 27th, the moon enters the New Moon phase in Aquarius, welcoming the darkest phase of the cycle. This is our first new moon phase of 2017 and holds the space for us to journey into the deeper aspects of ourselves and create self care practices.

Aquarius is an air sign that focuses on philosophy, wisdom and quick moving energy. Always fluid and dancing in the sky, an aquarius energy can be quick to change directions. This means things may feel a bit imbalanced or "up and down" during the next day or so as we enter the realm of aquarius. While it may feel unstable, aquarius energy opens us to new doorways of our psyche and pulls us to ask: why do we do what we do?

Mixing in the new moon phase with this aquarius energy and we quickly see that we are sitting in the perfect space to fully, perhaps more than ever, look at our lives and determine if we are on the right path.

Why do we do what we do? Do you feel nourished in your career? Do you enjoy where you live? Do you feel alive in your relationship? Are your dreams blooming into reality or have they been forgotten about?

These powerful questions are ones we are all being urged to consider.

And if you answered no to any of those, how can you move in a new direction that feels more nourishing, supportive or in alignment with who you are?

The new moon time is always a time of letting go. Letting go of what no longer serves you to make space for things that do.

I encourage you to write all of this out tonight or tomorrow evening. "Why do I do what I do? Let yourself write about all aspects of your life, everything you can think of, and then answer that question. Do these things bring happiness? Are you empowered doing these things?

And of course, with the new moon we are all pulled to return to self care. Be a bit more gentle with yourself tonight. Give yourself the permission to lay down, take a long bath, ask your partner for support to have time away from the kids. Return to what refills you!

Soak in this powerful new moon. Lunar wisdom is all around us.

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