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Full Moon in Cancer January 2017

January's Full Moon, often known as the Wolf Moon or the Old Moon, aligns on January 12, 2017 in the sign of Cancer.

Traditionally this old wise moon marked the depth of Winter. While the Winter Solstice in December had declared the middle of winter and now a transition towards Spring, in the depth of January, Spring is still a distant dream.

January was a time when wolves would often lurk closer to town, hungry and tired of the cold months. This can translate as well to the human psych - rather than hungrily wandering for something to nourish you, can you pull that nourishment from yourself?

Full Moon times are always a time of celebration and gratitude, but with the Wolf Moon, we may feel more exhausted than usual or looking forward into the future rather than focusing on the present.

Refocusing your attention to what lies here, now, in the present moment is the best way to thrive and live.

Coming back to self and gratitude and nourishment is the way to really thrive during this time. Pulling in the water energy of Cancer as well, you may feel pulled to return to self care and quiet, nourishing practices. Usually, this is more of a new moon energy but with the energy of Cancer and the Wolf Moon, laying low and resting may be the best way to honor this moon time.

Make space for yourself to rest, that is the greatest message from this moon alignment.

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