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New Moon in Capricorn December 2016

December 28th, 2016, we see our last New Moon of 2016, just before new year's eve. The last few weeks have been hectic for most of us, between Christmas, Mercury in Retrograde and New Year's approaching, most of us have been busy in our minds but away from our hearts.

This time of year rarely permits the space for quiet contemplation, but I believe creating that space to relax, rejuvenate and honor yourself during the last few days of 2016 is so key to moving through the next week empowered and in your heart.

The New Moon time is always a time of returning inward and honoring your self care needs. It is a time to journal, relax, take a hot bath, swim, make a mini spa day for yourself at home. It is not a time to be extroverted and social.

Mercury in Retrograde has also been in motion for the last week and that can also hold a very yin energy, asking us to slow down, come back to our heart space and breathe. Mercury in Retrograde is a feared alignment for some astrologers, but I don't think it has to be. Mercury in Retrograde is really good at digging up our unresolved emotions, fears and relationship troubles and shaking them in your face, but we can use this time to learn and grow or hide.

I used to feel a sense of dread when I saw Mercury in Retrograde approaching, but now I embrace it. In the last week I have had many unresolved emotions and conflicts arise again, and so I had the opportunity to avoid them again or embrace them and heal them. If you have been feeling overwhelmed, anxious or apprehensive in your life, it may be a good time to make peace with Mercury in Retrograde.

Capricorn, being an earth sign, is all about resolving things and moving through them. It's a powerful sign that is rooted to the earth and wants to finish things, rather than float around like an air or water energy might. Using this grounded energy to reflect and ponder over the last moon cycle and 2016 as a whole is a powerful way to end this year.

As you use this sacred moon time to reflect, meditate, nourish yourself and relax, also take time to think of this past year and the lessons it held for you.

Was it a challenging year with a lot of painful lessons? Was it a celebratory year with lots of joy and new opportunities? Be authentic with yourself and allow yourself to journal.

It's important to realize the often the best lessons come in the form of difficult situations. Trusting and surrendering to the divine flow is a powerful practice in letting go.

As you create your new year resolutions, see if you can focus on heart centered manifestations. Learning a new skill, traveling, reading more etc are all beautiful ways to allow for more growth in 2017.


All is in perfect alignment,

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