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New Moon in Scorpio November 1, 2016

Tonight the sky remains black as the New Moon in Scorpio aligns and wanes.

The energy is inward fully in the blackness of the moon and we are reminded as always on a new moon - sloooow down.

The New Moon November 1st symbolically also falls on Samhain - a sacred holiday where Halloween originated. Samhain (pronounced SOW-IN) is one of the eight traditional holidays throughout the year and marks the second to last holiday of the year, with the last being Yule on December 1st - where some say Christmas originated.

The alignment of Samhain and the New Moon is divinely aligned, both marking similar endings and beginnings. Read more about Samhain.

New Moons always encourage letting go, growth, reflection and stillness, but with the moon aligning in Scorpio, we see it a bit more volatile.

The Scorpio moon is a water sign that falls in November in the birth charts. While a water sign, Scorpio is much more intense and powerful than most and has been compared to a hurricane, fast, wild and untamed. A Scorpio moon isn't typically a warm and fluffy feeling time, but rather a time of immense growth.

We witness the New Moon urging us to let go, we hear the whisper of Samhain telling us to let go fully and completely of all things before moving into Winter and we see the Scorpio moon alignment, telling us to let go and move through this powerfully and fully.

So how can we use this powerful alignment of energies? We can listen to the alignment and let go.

What is still lingering for you? Anger towards a person? Sadness over a situation? Fear? Disappointment? Jealousy?

Reflect. Take time to meditate tonight or tomorrow and reflect on the things feeling unsustainable in your life. You can purchase our Womb Meditation audio here.

As we let go, we are empowered. As we move past these binding things, we emerge new and rejuvenated.

What would happen if you were no longer held down by the things that have happened to you?

Anoint yourself with some sandalwood or frankincense tonight, sit down in silence, and meditate. Allow what needs to surface come up and honor what does come up. If you can, get in some water!

Allow the powerful Scorpio energy guide you as you shift, change and cut cords powerfully and gracefully.

It is time.

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