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When You Should NEVER Vaginal Steam

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Vaginal steaming is such a powerful modality for healing. We see massive results with our clients as certified steam practitioners. You can purchase your vaginal steam herbs here or apply to work with Cassandra Wilder ND to heal your menstrual cycle and find balance in your body here!


Vaginal steaming is an ancient practice that has been revered as a medicinal therapy for women for many, many years. In fact, this practice is nothing new as women in places like Hawaii, China and Africa used steaming to heal after childbirth, to increase fertility and support the body through healing.

In this blog, we're sharing when you should absolutely NEVER steam your vagina. Yes, there are certain times when you cannot steam.

When to never vaginal steam

1) When you are menstruating

You should never steam during your period because the steam may soften the cervix and cause you to bleed excessively. Steaming should only be done when your cycle is complete each month.

2) When you are bleeding bright red blood after birth

Similar to the point above, you should never steam when you are bleeding bright red blood after giving birth. After a week or so, some women notice that the blood becomes much darker and this may indicate that this is old blood and the body is healing. At this time, steaming may be appropriate.

3) If you are pregnant

Steaming softens the cervix and may cause harm if done during pregnancy. The cervix must remain tight and closed during pregnancy to avoid a miscarriage or early birth, so never steam while pregnant.

4) If you have an IUD

Because IUDs are inserted into the cervix, steaming may dislodge them or cause complications. Some women do steam with an IUD, however you must be very mindful and work with a steam specialist to ensure that your set up is safe.

Steaming is an incredible healing modality but like all things, doing it the right way is key! Are you excited to start steaming? Learn more about it here!

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