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Welcome sister!
We offer a variety of private sessions for women who are seeking guidance and support. All of our sessions provide you with an opportunity to be heard, seen and respected. Each of our sessions are customized to your specific needs and desires - no two sessions are alike! We feel that supporting other women is a deeply sacred calling and we are so honored to walk this journey with you.

Powerful Women's Sessions~

Wild Woman Embodiment

Our Wild Woman Embodiment Session is for women who are seeking guidance on their sacred path. Whether you are ready to begin a new journey and need support through the transition or if you are ready to create a new way of living this is session is for you. Common reasons women book this session is wanting to live in more a alignment with true passions, changing life path or career or wanting to remembering who they truly are. This is our most popular session for women!

Sacred Womb Healing  

This sacred session is for women who want to bring awareness and healing to their womb space. The center of intuition and empowerment in a woman, a disconnection in this space can cause emotional and physical imbalances. Whether you are seeking support in healing your womb, natural fertility prevention / planning or if you simply want to create awareness and intention within your most sacred space, this session is for you!

Naturopathic Consultation


This Naturopathic consultation is a holistic and empowering beginning to reclaiming your health and living a more balanced, vibrant life! During this session, you will have the space to share what health problems are present in your life, what your health goals are and anything else that you wish to achieve in working together. This session establishes your health history and where you want your health journey to guide you.

Ready to sign up? Simply reach out in the form below and we will contact you shortly to set up your sacred session! 

Services Offered in-person~


We are available to offer the following sessions during retreats as time permits. Please email us ahead of time to ensure it is possible. Sessions available include craniosacral therapy, reflexology, private womb healing, sound therapy, naturopathic consultations, energy work, bodywork therapies and iridology. 

Some sessions are also available with Cassandra in Salt Lake City, UT. Please use the form above to see if an in-person session in Utah is possible.