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The womb is the center of your power, direction and clarity. To live connected to this power center is to be connected to yourself, your purpose and sense of inner knowing. 

However many of us do not innately feel connected to the womb and fall into patterns of overwhelm, fear and people pleasing. This powerful session with Cassandra Wilder ND is for women who are ready to tap into their power, release self sabatoge and boldly carve their own path.

During this 60 minute session, you'll have the space to share your story and be supported through the process. After sharing your story, the things that may have physically disconnected you and your life experiences, you'll dive in deep to release the underlying stories that are keeping you stuck. Suggestions post session may include herbal nourishment, cyclical rebalancing, breath work, journaling practices and more. 



Your session includes 60 minutes of deep conversation and sacred practices to assist you in connecting to your sacred womb. Depending on your specific intention, the session may include emotional clearing, flower essences, breath work, meditation, trauma clearing, affirmations, herbal suggestions, menstrual cycle suggestions and beyond.


This session is held with the online platform Zoom.

Pricing - $250 for 60 minutes


Payment to be made before session


1) Purchase your session here

2) Check your email for a link to our calendar to schedule

3) Get the transformation and breakthrough you've needed

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