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200 Hour Goddess Yoga Teacher Training


We are excitedly creating our 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) that will be announced soon! Our YTT will combine the sacred practice of yoga with the wisdom of the Divine Feminine. This powerful combination will serve as a life changing training for any woman who is ready to rise as a yoga teacher and sister of the Divine Feminine! 

Within this Sacred Women's Yoga Teacher Training, you'll learn ~

-how to lead powerful, engaging yoga classes

-anatomy and physiology of the body 

-an in-depth study of the chakra system

-the moon phases and yoga

-sacred initiation ceremonies

-the true history of yoga

-the yamas and the niyamas

-the art of cueing

-the wisdom of postures and in-depth look at yoga poses

-the six yoga systems

-the Divine Feminine and Goddess archetypes

-creating a sacred yoga space

-the powerful step by step process to a life changing yoga class

-sacred sound healing

-how to implement music into your classes

-Ashtanga yoga's 8 limbs of yoga

-karma yoga and giving back

-how to safely guide yoga classes for pregnant women, the elderly, children and bodies of all sizes

-yin yoga, restorative yoga, Goddess yoga, power yoga + other forms of yoga

-and sooooo much more!

More details are coming soon!

Our Goddess Yoga Teacher Training will be approved by the Yoga Alliance and give you the designation of a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher. 

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If you have a question about this YTT, please feel free to contact us with any questions!