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"The training was such a special experience. This is something every woman needs. I feel lighter, calmer, happier, healthier, inspired, and hopeful. I feel as though I’ve reconnected to a part of myself I was afraid I had lost. Also, my insomnia has gone away, my skin has cleared up, and I keep finding myself singing and dancing! I am so impressed with how much love and knowledge was put into this experience. Worth every penny. Thank you!"

- Danielle A.

Women's Circle Creatrix Training March 2018

"The women's training was amazing and wonderful. I left the retreat with a renewed sense of love not only for the sisters I spent it with, but for myself. I also left feeling very much at peace and with a renewed sense of confidence -- for the present and the future. The weekend was very relaxing and calming. I always felt I could move through the events and activities with calmness and ease. The food was truly delicious and so healthy. It completely enhanced the entire experience. I loved every moment of the Sacred Goddess women's retreat and would absolutely recommend it for every woman -- I would actually strongly encourage it. The women's retreat with Cassandra makes you realize how much deeper life really is -- apart from the day to day busy-ness. Spending sacred time in this way changes your perspective on life, and on yourself."

- Lauren S.

Women's Circle Creatrix Training March 2018

"This training was enlightening, inspiring and so beautiful. We were surrounded by nature and uplifting sisterhood. Cassandra was the perfect facilitator, she gently guided us by sharing her wisdom and holding space for us all to embrace our Wild Women within. The time at this training and retreat was so much more than I could have hoped for and everything that my soul needed."
- Michelle M.

Women's Circle Creatrix Training March 2018

"After my initial Goddess Retreat in Costa Rica I realized that my journey into self healing and exploration was not over, it was only the beginning and after leaving that retreat I knew that I had only scratched the surface and that there was still a lot more work ahead of me. I was so moved by my experience with Cassandra that I decided it was time for me to take a deeper look within myself, explore the depths of my wounds, and to celebrate the light that already existed within me. When I saw that the Goddess Creatrix training was available I knew that I had to sign up and looking back I am so grateful that I did. It has allowed me to truly find my voice and it gave me the courage and support to connect with other like minded women, which was desperately lacking in my life at the time. I have always been a creative soul with a knowingness of being spiritually connected to the divine but Cassandra’s training truly allowed me the space and encouragement to trust in my abilities and to push me to continue to grow and find my way through self healing and discovery. Since I was little I have always been interested in helping others and I knew that if I were ever going to be in a position to do that- that I would need to first heal myself and push myself through those painful wounds and be open to learning every possible tool to do this. I highly encourage any woman in any stage of life to dive into this beautiful life altering experience. Be open to the possibilities and invest in yourself. You will not regret it!" 

- Emily S.

Women's Circle Creatrix Training July 2017

"I enjoyed the 10-week Creatrix Certification Course. I learned how to be able to run my own women's circle in my community. The feeling of being to empower women with this knowledge is priceless. I am ready to be a light with all I have learned from this course!"

- F.M.

Women's Circle Creatrix Training March 2018

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