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You've been on the path of empowerment, spirituality, personal growth and healing and now you've felt called to expand what you know and put it into practice. 

You've read all the books, watched all of the videos and still feel called to go even deeper and to radically shift your life. 

You're ready to step fully into your power and live the life of your wildest dreams. 

Sound like someone you might now?

to our sacred manifestation training!

During this sacred 7 day program, you'll learn the art of manifestation and how you can tune into this powerful practice to transform your reality! 

The practice of manifestation is vast and it can be difficult to integrate all of the wisdom. Within this empowering and life changing 7 day online training, you'll receive all of the tools you need to start manifesting effectively and powerfully with ease and grace! 

Within a week, you'll be manifesting like an expert and already be creating the life of your wildest dreams. 

Are you ready to unlock your manifestation potential and begin living the life you seek?
-One email daily for 7 days full of manifestation goodness
-A full and inspiring video daily discussing manifestation, the law of attraction, the key elements of manifestation and how the chakra system and WHY these two practices are powerful when combined
-Full step by step guide to manifesting powerfully
-Information on breath work and how to use that in your manifestation practice
-Personal at home practices to help you move into an empowered state
-Online worksheets and bonuses to take your manifestation skills to the next level
-Journal exercises + sacred prompts
-Online support during the whole program and unlimited emails
-The practice of manifestation which will benefit you for the rest of your life!
-Lifetime access to all of this wisdom and this sacred program
-Sacred meditation to help you connect and ground during the program
-And more!
How will this powerful information
be delivered to me?
Straight to your inbox everyday to be enjoyed from the comfort of your home
Each day for seven days you will receive an email linking back to our sacred Manifestation Training portal. This training can be taken with us as we flow through this sacred training or you can take it at your own pace. 
The training will cover the following wisdom and so much more~
-An introduction to manifestation (what it is, the wisdom behind it and why it's a life changing practice)
-The power of our words, thoughts and beliefs
-The wisdom of the chakras
-A brief intro to Quantum Physics (the science that proves manifestation)
-The laws of the Universe and manifestation
-The Law of Attraction (what it is and how to fully implement this law)
-determining our self imposed limiting beliefs
-our wounds as our greatest teachers and wisdom
-abundance and self worth
-and so much more
Is this program right for you?
This program is right for you if...
-you want to step into a empowered state of being - creating your life in alignment with your dreams
-you have felt stuck or lost in finding your purpose or career
-you crave empowerment and alignment
-you are on the path of living with purpose and intention
-you want to take your manifestations to the next level
-you are hungry for inspiration
-you are ready for a transformative experience 
-you are reclaiming your wild woman

And I'm honored you've found your way here! Whether your intuition or a google search guided you here, I'm grateful that you've heard the call to manifest in your life! 

My life completely changed when I manifested for the first time almost a decade ago. Exhausted by the dating world and ready to create the relationship of my dreams, I tried manifestation as a last resort. 

A few months later, I was guided to travel to Costa Rica by myself. After a lot of resistance and fear, I finally booked my flight and found myself flying to a country I knew nothing about. 

Something within me told me that I was meant to do this and yet everyone in my life thought I was going off of the deep end. 

After a magical week in Costa Rica practicing yoga, eating fresh fruits and dancing on the beach, I met a man who would later become my partner and become one of my greatest teachers. 

6 months after meeting in Costa Rica, this man and I were sitting on a beach in Mexico talking about this interesting thing called manifestation. 

He asked me if I'd ever manifested and I responded that I had, though I didn't think it really worked. 

Intrigued, he asked if I'd share what I manifested. I told him I had manifested a partnership and that I had a photo of my manifestation saved on my phone from almost a year ago. I pulled up my manifestation and began to read through it.

I didn't get far down the list before I could feel my face turning red. I read through the entire thing and realized...

that the man sitting before me was exactly who I had manifested. 

Since then, my passion for manifestation has continued to grow. I have seen manifestations about financial freedom, love, dream careers and travel come true for thousands of women around the world and so I am SO excited that you are here! 

You too can have it all, sister. 


How do I know if manifestation is right for me?

-if you are ready to step into an empowered way of living and actively create the life you desire, this program is right for you!

Is this different than what is taught at your Goddess Retreats?

-yes, this training is ideal for women who are ready to dive into the full practice of manifestation. We will be going over far more detail and practical wisdom than we are able to do in a retreat.

Is there an option for extra 1:1 support? I'm really serious about making this a regular part of my life!

-Yes. At checkout you can purchase an additional 1:1 session with Cassandra 

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