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I would like to sign up for a retreat, how do I do that? 
To sign up for a retreat, simply go to our retreats page, click the retreat you are interested in, and at the bottom of the page click "reserve my spot". We would love for you to join us!
I would like to pay with a card but only see a PayPal option. What should I do?
When you have an item or retreat in your cart, please click "Pay with PayPal." You will be then taken to a secure page where you can either pay with PayPal or click the grey button below that says "Pay with Credit or Debit Card."
I offer healing services (massage, energy work, foot zoning, etc.) and I would like to offer it at your retreat! How can I do that?
If you are interested in offering your services at our retreat, please send an email to goddessceremony (at) gmail.com with the subject "services". Please include your website, a bit about you and a resume. Thank you!
What kind of food is served at these Goddess Retreats? 
We serve all organic meals hand prepared by local chefs. We believe that true health is a combination of emotional wellness, healing foods and support. That is why we offer all of these things at our sacred retreats. Because healing food is so important to us, we are happy to accommodate women with dietary restrictions or preferences. Please just let us know!
I am vegan, gluten free or have a food allergy - can you accommodate that? 
Absolutely! When reserving your spot, please just let us know! Providing nourishing food for everyone is a priority for us.
I have never practiced yoga before. Can I still come to a retreat?
Absolutely! We make our yoga classes all-levels accessible. This means that we can support beginners and advanced practitioners alike in our yoga classes. Please let us know if this is your first time practicing yoga and if you have any injuries or concerns. We will be happy to help!
I would like to help out at your retreat. Can I do that?
We appreciate your willingness to help us! If you are interested in working with us and supporting the women who join us, you may be interested in our Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix training. This is our level 1 training and it certifies you to lead sacred women's circles. We generally choose to bring women who have completed this training to our retreats as they are then familiar with our sacred tools and space holding techniques.
What is your refund policy?
You can view our refund policy here
Do women come alone to retreats? I am nervous to come alone.
That is understandable! We want you to know however that most women come to these retreats alone! Coming alone will also allow you to make lifelong friendships. Often when we come with another person, we tend to rely on our friend rather than get involved with the group. Know that if you do come alone, many other women will also be there solo!
Who leads these sacred retreats?
You can read more about the sacred women who lead these sacred retreats, workshops and online trainings on our about page. We are in the process of updating this page to include the women who are finishing up their Creatrix training and who will soon be helping us in our retreats. 
What do I need to bring for my retreat?
You will receive a detailed email after reserving your spot with a list of things to bring. In general, this list includes yoga clothing, a yoga mat, swimsuit + towel, natural bug spray + sunscreen, a notebook, etc.
I would like to write a blog post for your website. Will my writing be featured if I do that?
We would love that! If you would like to submit a blog post, you can read more on our submission page. Your blog post will be shared with thousands of subscribers.
I would love to join your team! Are you hiring?
We would love that! You are welcome to send your resume to goddessceremony@gmail.com We occasionally hire new virtual assistants as Sister Support. If you are an expert in SEO, Pinterest or funnel systems, we'd love to hear from you! 
If you'd like to join our team as a Retreat Leader, please sign up for our Creatrix Training. This is step 1 to joining our team as a retreat guide.
Are payment plans available for your retreats?
We want to make our retreats as accessible as possible and so we offer payment plan options for every retreat!
I would like to book a private session. What do you offer?
We love working with women one-on-one. We offer a variety of services that encompass many different types of offerings. We offer naturopathic consultations, support as you step into your authentic life, flower essence suggestions, 3 month programs and more! Women often book these services for a variety of reasons, some of these including ~ reproductive health, emotional support, fertility and pregnancy support, birth control awareness, fertility tracking and more!
I am pregnant. Can I still come to a retreat?
If you have cleared that with your doctor, absolutely! We have had many pregnant women join us and they always find that it is a beautiful experience to have while carrying another being. We will do our best to provide modifications in our yoga classes for you as well. We honor what you feel your body can do / needs so we will be checking in with you each day.
I would like to collaborate on a business project or have my item featured in your Goddess Box. How do I do that?
Wonderful! Please check out our collaboration page and message us with more details about your vision.
Still have a question? Feel free to contact us below. Thank you!