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Wild Woman Embodiment~

Our most popular guidance session, the Wild Woman Embodiment session is for women wanting to be seen, heard and honored as a divine woman. In this session, you will have the opportunity to be heard in a sacred space and be able to fully share your story as well as what you are wanting to create in your life.

This session will support you in answering the question ~

What am I ready to Embody in my life? 


Within this sacred space, we will identify the things that are blocking you from rising and create an empowering action plan to support you in rising.

While you are being witnessed and heard, Cassandra will be holding space for you, lighting candles, burning sage and creating a space of healing. 

Common reasons women book this session ~

-seeking support in changing careers and moving towards a wellness centered path

-wanting the experience of being heard in a space free of judgement

-feeling the need to share life alignments and wanting a non biased perspective

-seeking support in honoring life path or dream

-craving support in removing limitations and barriers

-ready to live a vibrant, embodied life!

-craving a sacred space and 60 minutes dedicated to them

What does the session include?

Your session includes 60 minutes of fully present time. These 60 minutes can flow into whatever support you are needing, and may include any of the following ~ listening, guidance, meditation, breath work, cord cutting, affirmations, manifestation, emotional release + beyond. This is YOUR session and we honor what you need. 

Reserve your Session~

This session is done via Zoom, an online video program that is similar to Skype. If you would prefer to talk on the phone instead, that is also available.

Pricing - $150 for 60 minutes


Payment to be made before session

To reserve your spot, please message us below!