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Utah Goddess Retreat

September 16 - 18, 2016
Kamas, UT

This retreat has been completed. See our upcoming 2019 Utah Goddess Retreat here!

We offer Goddess Retreats around Utah and near the Salt Lake Valley in serene locations. Utah has been called one of the most beautiful places in the World, with rich wildlife and desert to mountain terrain. This gorgeous location will serve as our sacred grounds for these retreats as we connect to the earth and to what it means to be a Woman.

Do you crave connection with other women? Would you like to 'find yourself?' Do you want to connect deeply with the earth?


This sacred retreat includes lodging for 3 days and 2 nights and 3 organic handmade vegetarian dishes each day. Each day, we will be participating in a variety of sacred rites and ceremonies.


Together we will be experiencing all of the following-

Wild Goddess Yoga daily, sacred fire ceremonies, moon meditations, manifestation discussions, nature excursions, ecstatic dance, womb healing, water ceremonies, plant medicine, sacred sound, drum circles and more.

What you'll receive-


-3 day, 2 night stay at our lodge

-organic, vegetarian meals daily made by a professional chef

-yoga daily

-ecstatic dance

-unlimited filtered water

-take home goodie bags

-all ceremonies and instructions

-meditation circles

-womb healing 

-plant medicine workshop

-nature excursions

-fire ceremony

-a private facebook group

-professional photography

- & more!

The day after I returned home from my gorgeous goddess retreat experience, I had this forlorn look on my face at dinner. My husband asked me, “What’s wrong?” And I sighed, “I just miss the water... and the woods…” The shock on his face was comical! I’ve NEVER been a camper or an “outdoorsy” girl, though I love the beach or a walk outside. I felt myself connect to the earth in a whole new way at Cassandra’s retreat. I felt myself sinking into FULL presence, connecting to my sisters with ALL of me, and really just BEING. While I was there I shed more than a few tears as my soul grounded into the earth and reached for the stars and danced in the flames of our fires. Since this magical time of healing and unleashing of my inner goddess I’ve seen my creativity unfold in a whole new way in my work. Clarity has come in like a gentle wave. I’m now practicing yoga every morning as I CRAVE the movement and the muscle remembrance of this weekend. It reminds me who I am and what I am here for. To love and be and expand into my magnificent self as I encourage other women to do the same. I’ve been to various other events and retreats, each with it’s own special gift to give, but something about THIS experience was so raw, so real, so devoid of superficiality that its mark was left deep in me and will not be forgotten. If you want a true retreat experience, one that will nourish you, heal you, cleanse you, and bring you more fully into the woman you are meant to be, don’t hesitate to come into this beautiful circle of sisterhood, my love.

-Steena Brown

Kamas Utah is a beautiful small community tucked in the mountains near Park City. It is here that we will join together and begin our transformative weekend together. 

We are SOLD OUT!



Private Room                                             

Sold out!



Shared Room                                               

Sold out!


Tent Camping                                                

Sold out!



These prices include lodging, all meals, yoga and all activities for the weekend! Please note that these prices are significantly cheaper than similar retreats! We work hard to make these affordable and accessible. Similar retreats are $500-$750 for a weekend.


Our 2016 Utah Goddess Retreat is SOLD OUT! 


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