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Welcome to an empowering space for young women

Welcome mamas and young sisters to this healing and empowering space for young women. Within this sacred space, we are dedicated to offering young women the wisdom, knowledge and tools they need to live empowered, joyful lives connected to their bodies. 

How many of us wish we had known more about our bodies and menstrual cycles growing up? 
The answer is most of us. 
As women, it is surprisingly common to receive little to no information about our bodies as we exit our childhood and enter womanhood. 
How is this possible? 
This wisdom has simply been forgotten over dozens of generations and so it is not your mothers or grandmothers fault that you didn't learn this information. 
But now, things are changing. 
Women all over the world are choosing to reconnect to their bodies and remember the wisdom that is held within a woman's body! Women are choosing to understand the wisdom of menstruation, sisterhood and how our bodies work so that we may become the women we are meant to be. 
Let's give our daughters
the wisdom they deserve
It's time for us to change what's normal and give young women the tools they need
I am dedicated to supporting women in understanding their bodies

Hi sister, I'm Cassandra 

And I like many women did not grow up understanding the wisdom of my body or the significance of womanhood. Instead, I created unhealthy beliefs about womanhood, my body and menstruation and would stay in this stuck mindset for many years. 

It wouldn't be until I found myself on a journey across the world that I would finally understand the wisdom of the feminine. Now, I lead Sacred Goddess Retreats across the world, empowering women to live authentic, empowered lives. I have been honored to support thousands of women on their journeys to happiness and purpose but recently I realized that I needed to do more to truly support the women of the world. 

I have heard hundreds of women say the same thing at retreats - I wish I had known this information when I was younger. So I asked myself, how different would our lives be if we learned all of this information when we transitioned into young women? How different would our lives be if we grew up understanding the wisdom of our bodies? 

I created this sacred training with young women in mind because I believe these young women will change the world. I am honored to create this healing space for you, for your daughter or for any young woman that you love. 

What will they learn in this program?
Within this nurturing and supportive space, young women will learn in an empowering and sacred way~
-the sacredness of the feminine and why having this wisdom sets them up for an empowering, authentic life
-important information about menstrual cycles and what to expect during a menstrual cycle
-how to care for the body during menstruation and how to understand what the body needs
-how to support the body during symptoms associated with menstruation like cramping and fatigue
-information about menstrual products like pads, tampons, menstrual cups, reusable cloth pads and more
-how to support cleanliness during menstruation
-the wisdom of the womb
-how to support breast health and simple tips to ease breast tenderness
-how to track a menstrual cycle and follow ovulation patterns
-and so much more
This program offers young women everything we wished we learned. 
Allow a young woman in your life to begin her life as a young woman with the tools she needs to be empowered within her body! During this 7 day online training, she will learn how to fully support her body during the Sacred Initiation of womanhood. 

Sacred Initiation officially launches January 1st, 2019!

Are you feeling a YES for a young woman in your life? Are you ready to gift a sister in your life the gift of empowerment? Registration is now OPEN! 


When does Sacred Initiation begin?

-Sacred Initiation launches January 1st, 2019! Those who sign up before January 1st (or when capacity is met) will be registered to begin in January.

How do I know if this is right for my daughter? 

-If you desire your daughter to understand her body, to feel empowerment in her menstrual cycle and to see her initiation into womanhood as a sacred experience, this training is right for you!

Can I take this training alongside my daughter or niece? 

-Absolutely! I hope that this creates a safe and supportive space between the two of you to talk about these natural stages of womanhood. 

How is this information taught?

Everything is taught with professionalism and respect for each young woman's experiences. Your daughter will not only learn how her body works but also learn the sacred nature of the feminine. 


Is there an option for extra 1:1 support? 

-Yes, a private session may be arranged at an additional cost to support her in applying this wisdom to her regular life.

Now is the time, dear sister!
If you are feeling a YES, sign up the young woman in your life below to begin January 1st, 2019 for this powerful 7 day training!

Still have a question? Please message us here.

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