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On this page you'll find resources to support you on the path of the Divine Feminine. Whether you are seeking new inspiring books, powerful trainings or sisterhood support, you'll find those resources here! 

Sisterhood Support~

Join the GoddessCeremony Women's Sisterhood Facebook Group here

Listen to the GoddessCeremony Podcast here (new episode every Monday!)

Book a 1:1 Naturopathic Consultation with Cassandra here

Sacred Menstruation~

-Read our blog post about top 5 alternatives to pads and tampons


-Read our blog post about 11 reasons to switch to a menstrual cup

-Read our blog post about 5 ways to make menstruation sacred

-Read our blog post about 3 ways to reduce menstrual cramps

-Read our blog post about how I reclaimed my menstrual cycle

-Read our blog post about powerful uses for menstrual blood

-Listen to our podcast about making the switch to a menstrual cup

-Listen to our podcast about how to reclaim your menstrual cycle

-Purchase a Lena menstrual cup

-Read our blog about the dark side of sanitary products

Breast Health~

-Read our blog post about how to support breast health

-Learn how to perform a self breast massage

-Purchase a breast massage oil

-Listen to our podcast about empowered breast health

Yoni Care~

-Purchase vaginal steam kits

-Learn more about vaginal steaming

-Purchase vaginal bolus kits

-Read our blog post How to Honor the Yoni

Womb Wisdom~


-Listen to a Womb Meditation Download

-Read our blog post about the wisdom of the womb

-Learn more about the wisdom of the Cervix

-Listen to our podcast about the power of the Cervix

Powerful Women's Trainings~

-Embodied Wisdom Sacred Moon Immersion

-Creatrix Sacred Women's Circle Certification

-Sacred Manifestation Training

-Women's Blessingway Certification Training

Crystal Wisdom~

-Go to Meadow's crystal website

-See the 3 most healing crystals for women


-Learn more about Meadow's crystal store in Utah

Yoga + Meditation~

-Purchase six Wild Goddess Yoga classes to enjoy from home

-Listen to a New Moon Meditation Download

-Listen to a Full Moon Meditation Download

-Learn more about the Chakra system and the Divine Feminine

The Next Step~

-Sign up for our Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix Training and begin leading women's circles in your community

-Set up a private session with Cassandra and step into your power 

-Join us for a 7 day Goddess Retreat abroad


Recommended Books~

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