This Sacred Goddess Starter Kit contains all of the sacred tools you need to begin living empowered and connected to yourself and the Divine Feminine. This kit has been carefully curated to provide healing and connection. 


This kit is great for personal use or for women's circle leaders looking for a great go-to kit with everything needed to create a sacred space. 



This sacred kit includes~

-Sacred Anointing oil: Use to anoint yourself or wear as a perfume to connect to your spiritual center. The anoining oil contains frankincense, sandalwood, patchouli and other holy oils. ($33 value)

-Sacred Clearing Spray: Use to clear space before a ceremony or meditation practice. Lovely for removing stagnant or unwanted energy. ($33 value)

-Sacred Sage Bundle: Burn to remove negative energy or attachments on yourself or in a room. Sweet smelling and powerful. ($9 value)


-Palo Santo: This holy wood helps to remove negative energy and create an uplifting and open environment for healing. ($5 value)

-Quartz Crystal: Helpful for almost anything! Balances, clears and magnifies intentions. Use when manifesting, meditating, practicing yoga or in ceremony. ($9 value)


-Sacred Vaginal Steaming Kit: Support the health of your sacred space and tune into the wisdom held within. Learn more about vaginal steaming here. ($30 value)


-Womb Meditation Download: Receive via email a 25 minute meditation to connect to your most powerful space. ($9 value)


-Sacred Affirmation Card: An empowering card will be intuitively selected for you and offer wisdom for you on your sacred path. ($3 value)

These items separately are priced at $130+



Your sacred order will be packaged with love and mailed out within 7 business days. Shipping within the United States is free!

Sacred Goddess Starter Kit



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