Select the session that's right for you! Our Private Coaching Session or Womb Healing Session. Both sessions are 90 minutes and include a follow up email. 



Get support releasing limiting beliefs and patterns that have kept you stuck in your life and/or business with this 90 minute deep dive. This session will help you get clarity and direction in your life so you can start taking massive action.


Ideal for women who:

-are about to make a big change in their life or business

-feel like they're making strides but then find old limitations and beliefs rise back up

-are tired of feeling stuck and without direction in life



Bring health back to your womb and rediscover your spark! This 90 minute session focuses on the health and vitality of your womb and will give you a supportive space to peel back the layers that have kept you stuck.


Ideal for women who are:

-dealing with a physical health concern in the womb / reproductive area

-feeling disconnected, lost or without guidance

-seeking to reconnect to their intuition

-healing from trauma or loss


These sessions are done via Zoom in a live video call with Cassandra Wilder ND. 

Private Consultation with Dr. Cassandra