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Vaginal boluses have been used for hundreds of years to encourage vaginal health and as a preventative for imbalances within the vagina. This package of organic, powdered herbs can be added to coconut oil and then poured into a mold. After refrigeration, these boluses can be inserted into the vagina overnight to encourage vaginal health.

Vaginal boluses were traditionally used for infertility, yeast infections, cysts and growths, imbalanced menstrual cycles and other concerns. We of course recommend working with your doctor to determine if these are right for you.


A single vaginal bolus kit contains enough powdered herbs for 10 boluses, generally a two month supply. You will receive an informational sheet with your order to describe how to make your boluses, when to use them and more. 

Vaginal boluses are not intended to treat or cure any health conditions. 


Read more about why vaginal boluses are so healing here. 


Unfortunately due to current shipping delays, we are only shipping within the United States

Organic Vaginal Bolus Kit

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