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Your Astrology Guide: The Sensual Taurus

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The stars are not the only celestial beings that have an immense impact on us when it comes to the energy of the sky. The large citizens of our solar system have a profound influence, and create a web of understanding and connection within our natal chart.

To begin, it is important to know that each planet changes signs at different paces. Our personal planets, the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus, are changing the sign they rest in more frequently, thus creating very individual charts and meanings for each of us. The generational planets, including Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto, change signs less frequently, thus we will see whole age groups and generations often share the same sign in these planets.

Each planet rules over a certain aspect of our life, and play out differently depending on what sign they are placed within in your chart. Then, relationships are formed between planet placements, and create the energy we must face within various parts of our lives. The placement of planets dictate our strengths, but also challenges that we may face within our lives, either in ourselves, or within our relating to the world around us. Each planet rules over one of the twelve signs, and is strongly placed within that sign.

Below is a break down of each planet, the Astrological sign or signs that is associated with it, as well as relevant information that may help you connect more deeply with your placement of each planet.


The Planets of the Zodiac

The Sun: Our Personality

Rules: Leo

Like the light of the Sun, the placement of our Sun Sign shines through brightest in our natal chart. It is our authentic self, and our individuality. Our Sun sign signifies how we are known and felt within the spaces we find ourselves within, as well as our relationships. The placement of the Sun sheds light on leadership qualities, our determination, and the way in which we set and chase after our goals. The Sun is associated with masculine energy: the way in which we motivate ourselves, and the way in which we go after all that we desire most.

The Moon: Our Soul

Rules: Cancer

The Moon has phases and is consistently cycling through being born, dying, and being born again. Feminine energy is associated with the Moon because of its direct connection to our emotional bodies, and the way in which we feel and then express our feelings and deeper understanding of ourselves. The Moon is receptive, intuitive and intentional. Our Moon placement will tell us what we need in order to feel secure, taken care of and understood. It is important to follow the Moon’s phases, for they have a direct impact

Mercury: Our Communication

Rules: Gemini and Virgo

Mercury is interesting because it does not have a feminine or masculine association, but instead rests in a neutral energetic space. This being rules over the vehicles in which we think about things, and then our means of expressing these thoughts. Often referred to as “The Messenger of the Gods,” Mercury is the planet that rules over the art of communication, and depending on the placement, shows us just how we articulate and internalize thought.

Venus: Our Love

Rules: Taurus and Libra

In Roman mythology, Venus was the Goddess of Love. The planet of Venus rules over our joy, our bliss, and our beauty. A very sensuous and alluring planet, Venus’ placement will show you how you love, and also how you relate to your senses and the material natures of the world. Venus’ most important role in our chart is to provide us with a road map on what kind of love our subconscious minds crave most.

Mars: Our Motivation

Rules: Aries and Scorpio

The fierce and mighty Mars is the igniter of the celestial creatures. Aggressive, passionate, energetic and courageous are only some of the intense and direct words associated with this beaming being. Mars also rules over one’s sexual drive, as it encompasses desire, and experimentation as a means of understanding ones truest and deepest passions.

Jupiter: Our Vision

Rules: Sagittarius

As the largest planet in the Solar System, it is with no mistake that Jupiter rules over our happiness and our good fortune within this realm. Jupiter reminds you of the big picture being painted at all times, and urges us to think bigger about our path, our purpose, and ourselves. With big thinking, comes the need to critically engage with the knowledge we are internalizing, which Jupiter also rules over. Jupiter’s size encompasses its presence in our chart, and urges us to ignite all that will bring joy and prosperity in to our existence.

Saturn: Our Ambition

Rules: Capricorn

Coming after the broader vision of Jupiter, comes the nitty gritty details. Saturn rules over the discipline, the productivity, and the standards that must be upheld in order to see our ambitions through. Often you will hear of an individual’s “Saturn Return,” which occurs around the age of 29, when Saturn is back in the sign that a person was born under, thus igniting immense change within their life. Whether it be a shift in identity, pursuit of purpose and passion, or ending of toxic cycles that have been present within the first twenty-nine years of life, an individual’s Saturn Return will shift the perspective completely.

Uranus: Our Innovation

Rules: Aquarius

Uranus is the deep thinker of the Zodiac. Uranus controls more advanced forms of communication, such as telecommunication, psychic experiences, and even the art of Astrology would fall under the rule of Uranus. Uranus brings creativity, radicalism and innovation. Uranus thinks outside of the box, and even further than that.

Neptune: Our Dreams

Rules: Pisces

The magic of Neptune goes beyond logic or science. This planet reminds us of our connection to the realms in which we cannot see with our human-limiting eyes. Neptune helps us to receive information and guidance from the more creative sources we hold: our intuition, our Higher Selves, and our deep, all knowing souls. Neptune is truly the planet of magic and of our wildest and most unfiltered dreams, of this life, and of the others.

Pluto: Our Transformation

Rules: Scorpio

Pluto is the planet of rebirth, regeneration, rejuvenation, and truly any kind of metamorphosis. Pluto ignites endings, but then shows up the path of our new beginnings. Pluto stays in a sign for thirteen to twenty five years, thus extracting extreme power from the sign in which it is in. Pluto will show what must be brought to light and what must be discarded within society and within a generational theme, depending on the placement. Pluto reminds us of the ability humans have to triumph over obstacles.


Taurus: I HAVE

Birthdays that land under this sign: April 20-May 20

Element: Earth

Planet: Venus

Opposite Sign: Scorpio


Body Part: Throat

As the second sign of the Zodiac, Taurus asks us to take the time to feel the world around us with open channels. Their ruling planet, Venus, make them a sign of deep fertility and abundant love. The sign of Taurus is one of the most sensual signs of the Zodiac, and feels with not just touch, but with taste, smell, sight, and beyond. With the focus on sensuality as a tool of sensation, this Earth sign helps us connect deeper to the environments in which we find ourselves within.

Being an Earth sign make these beings one of material wealth and value. A Tauren’s home will be their sanctuary, and will be up kept and filled with small comforts. This sign finds much security in their environment, and it must be a place where they can find comfort and true restoration.

People within the sign of Taurus are born within the blooming and budding springtime within the Northern Hemisphere. When thinking of the energy of this time, people are filled with much joy, excitement, potential, comfort and relief as the Sun makes her way out more, and the beautiful sight of fresh earth is blooming all around us. Taurus people carry this energy with them, and are an incredibly fruitful sign. They are the physical and practical builders of the Zodiac, and ensure that sensible measures are always being considered when beginning projects.

The sign of Taurus captures the attention people not by aggression, but instead by subtle and alluring magnetism. Because of their deep connection to love and partnership, the Taurus human will not be forthcoming with affirmations and information. Taurus enjoys the build up. They express only thoughtful and relevant ideas, and wish to ensure that their potential love is committed, and trustworthy. This sign thinks of all the small details, and paints a picture of deep companionship and devotion. They are extremely affectionate, and highly dependable. With their deep affection, vast devotion and alluring sensuality, Taurus energy reminds us to enjoy the small, impactful luxuries of every day life.

Stay tuned next time as we dive in to the twin sign of the Zodiac, Gemini!

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