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Your Astrology Guide: The Inquisitive Gemini

We are experiencing our last Full Moon of 2019, as well as this decade in the curious and brilliant sign of Gemini! Be sure to stay up to date with all of the New and Full Moon blog posts by subscribing to GoddessCeremony!


We have gone through the elements of the Zodiac, as well as the planets and the influences they hold over each sign. Now, we will dive even further in to Zodiac by discussing the Houses within it. There are twelve Houses within Astrology, often referred to as “Palaces of the Sky.” When someone is born, each planet is in a sign, and then both the planet and the sign are positioned within a house. The natural governance is the following:

Aries in the First House, Taurus in the Second House, Gemini in the Third House, Cancer in the Fourth House, Leo in the Fifth House, Virgo in the Sixth House, Libra in the Seventh House, Scorpio in the Eighth House, Sagittarius in the Ninth House, Capricorn in the Tenth House, Aquarius in the Eleventh House, and Pisces in the Twelfth House.

A person whose Houses are place within their natural governance will experience ease within these aspects of their life, if and only if they have the ability to quiet the ego, and gain the understanding that life is happening for them, and not to them.

Many people have ease remembering the signs of the Zodiac, and then have more of a basic understanding of the planets, but adding the Houses can begin to get a little complicated.

A good way to keep everything straight amongst the relationships between all of the creatures of the cosmos is the following:

A persons sign is their character.

Planets are the energies that are operating.

Houses are the circumstances the character will face.

The Natal Chart is a map of how all of these aspects and relationships come together to influence your existence by showing you who you are, why you are here now, and why you are beginning where you are. Your planets embody what you want. Your houses are where you seek what you want. And your sign shows how you go about it.

Knowing this, it is easier to understand what strengths you possess, what areas of life you possess them within, and how they can be used to face the more challenging aspects that you may come across.

The Twelve Houses

House 1: Soul’s Ultimate Purpose, Outward Appearance, Goal Reaching, and Personality

House 2: Personal Possession, Wealth, Monetary Status, Self Esteem

House 3: Relationships with Siblings, Short Journeys, and Messages in Thoughts

House 4: Home, Foundation, The Mother Figure, and Upbringing

House 5: Love Matters, Children, and Entertainment

House 6: Health, Elderly Relatives, Pets, and Working Environment

House 7: Partnership, and How People See You

House 8: Death and Rebirth, Legacy, Inheritance

House 9: Philosophies, World Travel, Teaching, and Expansion

House 10: Career, Success, Authority, and The Father Figure

House 11: Friendship, Originality, and Hopes

House 12: Secrets, Unknown Enemies, and Subconscious


Gemini: I THINK

Birthdays that land under this sign: May 21-June 20

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Opposite Sign: Sagittarius

Body Part: Hands

The dueling and opposing nature of Gemini sheds light on the different aspects of the personality that rests within the Zodiac. As the first breath of the Astrological wheel, Gemini energy is fast learning, quick witted, and blazingly sharp. As a logical and curious creature, Gemini people have a knack for being skilled at many, many trades. A Gemini human will want to know everything about everything, and will be fast to tell you as much as they possibly can, as fast as they possibly can. This free spirited air sign encompasses a certain amount of youth to them, acting as a young child would, and always wanting to know all of the wonders of the world. A good representation of a Gemini is a butterfly. Floating from one subject, one question, one breadth of knowledge, to the next. With Gemini being an Air sign, this energy embodies communication, logic, intellect and expression. Gemini breaths in the breathe of new life, of all possibility, and asks for us to use our voice to express our deepest and wildest needs and wants.

Due to their need for constant stimulation in the answering of their questions, Gemini souls are hard ones to pin down. They enjoy consistent change, and will probably not settle down until they are much, much older. They are impatient, and do best when they are living life in high speed. Their inquisitive tendencies take them far, and make them highly adaptable in their pursuit of finding information. Any question that you have ever had, the Gemini mind has probably beat you to it. They are consistently thinking, and are always solving some sort of puzzle.

With thinking, comes communicating. This is the duality presented within the Twins: exchange and interaction. Those born under this sign hold so much information, thus it is their duty to communicate it to their communities. They are born ambassadors, and live within their power when they are advocating on behalf of all of the knowledge they hold on the Universe and all its intricacies.

Geminis are said to have a dual nature, however. Their mood and their perspective can switch at the drop of a hat…just depends on what side you catch. Being the third sign of the Zodiac after the motivated Aries and the grounded Tauren, the Gemini person begins to step in to their potential by asking questions, and figuring out their placement and purpose within the world. Gemini people are beautiful teachers of how we can be in constant exploration of all of the wisdom, knowledge and brilliance that this life holds.

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