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Your Astrology Guide: The Emotional Cancer

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We have talked thoroughly about the cosmic bodies that influence and drive the Zodiac, but it is now time to dive in to the aspects of force that manifest through the Signs. There are three basic modes of energy, with four signs within each division. What influences what mode a sign will be in is the planet that it is placed within. The three modes of energy are:

-Cardinal: active, dynamic

- Fixed: stable, grounded

- Mutable: adaptable, fluid

To start us off within these energies, lets talk about the Cardinal signs of the Zodiac. The Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. These four signs mark the return of the four seasons. The keyword within this energy is “activity,” which really encompasses the high ambition and drive these go-getting signs encompass. Cardinal signs heighten activity and are true go-getters. Another keyword for this sign is “creativity” due to its outgoing, driving force that allows for the signs underneath it to creatively express themselves. Self-assertiveness manifests differently for each sign, Aries being direct and uncomplicated, Cancer being subjective and emotionally assertive, Libra being self-assertive, and Capricorn being materially oriented and directed toward social status.

Next, let’s talk about the Fixed signs of the Zodiac. The Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. These signs manifest as “will,” and are the most consistent and persistent of the signs. What is unique about these signs is that they are a quiet, powerful force. They are not easily described for they hold their motivations close to them. They are true reservoirs of power, and are viewed as the serpent signs of the Zodiac, all of them taking on different forms of the serpent. Taurus is more of a concealed energy, making it the coiled up serpent. With Leo, the serpent is awake and active, sliding through the environments it finds itself within. In Scorpio, the power and activity has traveled inward, and can be highly deadly if misused or ill-treated. And finally, the energy of the serpent comes through Aquarius as a higher power of wisdom that is reflected within the earthly serpent.

Finally, the Mutable signs of the Zodiac. The Mutable signs include Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. The key word for these fluid signs is “flexibility.” These signs are very easygoing, free flowing and drifting. They need a certain amount of freedom to develop and progress within themselves, as well as in relationships with others. They find much interest in people and in the development of relationships, and find much interest in the details of everyday life. However, because of their fluidity, they are prone to worry as well as being overwhelmed because they can become too fluid in their nature, and not have a tangible anchor to ground them. If a person holds many mutable signs within their chart, they may face instability and a lack of persistence within their existence. To recognize this and find spaces and activities that are grounding can help mutable signs feel a little more centered.

Now having these energies explained and expanded, look in to your natal chart and check out the different cardinal, fixed and mutable signs that you hold within your energy body. This will shine some light on the various ways in which you exert energy and motivation in to the world, and will allow for you to hold a deeper understanding of how you can best show up for yourself in igniting your energy and taking care of it.


Cancer: I FEEL

Birthdays that land under this sign: June 21-July 22

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: The Moon

Opposite Sign: Capricorn

Body Part: Breasts and Stomach

The fourth sign of the Zodiac and first water sign of the wheel is the receptive and sensitive sign of Cancer. Words that are often associated with Cancerian energy are sympathetic, kind, emotional, intuitive and imaginative. The sign of Cancer is represented by the crab, which truly illuminates the nature and essence of this sign. Finding and needing much security within their home environment, Cancers are often said to hold a hard outer shell in order to protect their soft and vulnerable inner softness. Because of this duality, they are often said to be moody due to their defensive, yet sensitive approach to situations. With this deep connection to security comes a innate connection to the Mother figure. Mothers are our first home, our first space in which we find all of our protection and nourishment; this sense of security and refuge is what draws Cancers towards their mother figures, and also makes them an intensely nourishing sign.

The Moon’s influence and power over Cancer is a big one. The Moon and all of her phases truly illuminate the essence of this sign, and all of the emotions she feels. Cancers are also very connected to the subconscious and are very imaginative creatures. They are psychic sponges, and take in the environments they find themselves within fully, and intentionally. You will not find these creatures in the center of a group or conversation; instead, you will find a Cancer observing and internalizing the dynamics of a situation, and engaging when they feel as though it is safe. To really understand the ways in which a Cancer approaches environments, people and ambitions, think of the movements of a crab. When you see one on the beach, they are moving sideways, occasionally stopping to survey their surroundings, and then proceeding forward with the same tenacity and will. A Cancer’s safety is a priority, and because of this have a difficult time engaging with the act of trust.

Cancer is the first water sign of the Zodiac, and with that has a very specific emotional aspect to them. Cancers are known to be very sensitive, and with this sensitivity comes a high intuitiveness, and deep psychic nature. Their sensitivity asks for a lot of reassurance and support from the people they choose to trust, especially when they decide to pursue a goal or dream. They are loyal and devoted to the people they find connection with, and take care of the ones they love with a deep affection and kindness. Cancers are known to give too much in many cases, causing a deep need for self-reflection and examination on where their energy is going. If you are one of these sensitive and deeply emotionally Moon-children, always take time to check in with yourself and your needs.

Have you spent enough time doing what makes you feel taken care of? What more could you be giving to yourself? Who, other than yourself, do you allow to take care of you? How do you feel taken care of?

Tune in next time for the exuberant and lively Leo!

All love,

Kanyn Jo

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