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Why Yoni Eggs Are Transforming Women's Reproductive Health

Have you heard of yoni eggs? They're quickly becoming a go-to tool for women's reproductive health, and we're excited to share more about them here! Looking for more support on your healing journey? Trying to balance your cyclical health? Book your FREE 20 minute call with Cassandra Wilder ND here to start getting support and come back to balance.

We often receive questions during our retreats about Yoni Eggs and what they are and how they work. Today, we will answer all those questions surrounding these sacred eggs so you can decide if they're the right tool for you!

The use of yoni eggs spans back hundreds of years and is woven into cultures around the world.  They are composed of pure crystal such as rose quartz, amethyst or jade. These egg-shaped crystals are held inside one’s body to optimize health and wellness.


In Sanskrit, the word “yoni” translates to “sacred space” and through the years, it has become a term synonymous with vagina. The word yoni holds a wonderful and powerful energy to it and it truly calls us to remember the sacred nature of our bodies and reproductive space.

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Historically, yoni eggs were used by Chinese royalty to connect to their sense of purpose and power. It's important to note that yoni eggs were prohibited to be used by anyone other than royalty. Why is that?

My guess is that it's challenging to control empowered people and one big way to empower a woman is to educate her about her body and how it works.

So keep women disempowered and you create a culture that does not question the status quo.

How does a yoni egg work?

A yoni egg is inserted inside of the vagina like you would a tampon and it's then held in for 20 minutes or more. The yoni egg has a small weight that enables the muscles inside your yoni to carry the egg and in turn, this tones and strengthens them. 

Why do women use yoni eggs?

-To increase sensation in the yoni

-To have a heightened ability to orgasm

-To tone and tighten the yoni

-To reconnect to this sacred space

-To reignite sexuality

A woman can use the slight weight of the yoni egg in the body to do the popular “kegels exercises. By utilizing her pelvic floor muscles, she can slightly lift and drop the yoni egg, thus toning the vaginal canal.

A yoni egg is an important part of this, as an instructor of mine once told me, “doing kegels without any weight in the yoni is like doing bicep curls without weights. Use some weights and you begin activating your muscles and actually build it.”

Some women use yoni eggs after giving birth. Some use it when they are having a difficult time orgasming with their partner. And, others do it as a self-care practice to connect with their yoni, womb and help balance their cycles.

What about sizes?

Yoni eggs come in varying sizes, from Small to XL. Women usually begin with a Large or Medium. If they are too small, your body won't be able to hold it in inside of you and it may fall out. After long term use, you may find you're able to work down in sizes until you have toned your yoni enough to use a small egg.

For women who gave birth vaginally, they may need a Large or XL size. Eventually, if you continue to use the egg, you will find yourself moving to smaller size as time goes by.

What if they get lost inside me?

To debunk a common fear, yoni eggs don’t get lost inside of you. In fact, the area where a tampon or yoni egg goes is actually quite small. And remember, your cervix keeps things from going up into the womb so fear not - you won't lose it inside of you! Yoni eggs sometimes have a small hole drilled in them so you can put a piece of floss through it if you feel more comfortable with the idea that you'll be able to get the yoni egg out by pulling it out when desired. Simply make sure you purchase a "drilled" yoni egg if you want the small holes.

What about cleaning?

Yoni eggs must be cleaned before using it the first time and in-between uses. This is to prevent the buildup of bacteria. You can clean it with a cup of water that is warm enough that you can put your finger in the water without burning yourself. Let the yoni egg sit in the warm water for around 15 minutes. Do not submerge it in boiling water because if you do, your yoni egg will likely crack. You can also rinse your yoni egg with warm water and a natural, gentle soap.

Can I use a yoni egg with a crack?

If your yoni egg has imperfections or cracks, do not use it anymore. These cracks can be a home to different kinds of bacteria. It is also important to note that you need to replace the string that you use every time, if its drilled. Strings made of hemp or cotton can be bacteria-storing as well, so use something like floss that can be thrown away each time.

Working with yoni eggs is an empowering routine that you can do as often as you want to reconnect with your yoni. There are different types of yoni eggs, each with its own unique healing properties as well.

Crystal Types for Yoni Eggs:

Jade: This is a good stone to start with. This is traditionally used in China and its characteristics are neutral and healing.

Rose Quartz: This stone can replenish your yoni with love and healing in a gentle nourishing way. This is the stone of love and compassion. It is a good choice if your goal is to develop more acceptance and love in your sacred space.

Amethyst: Amethyst is great purple stone that helps you to reconnect with you intuition and to your yoni.

Black Obsidian: This is a common yoni egg option on the market but we do not suggest using this stone as obsidian often contains lead. This stone is immensely clearing but it is not ideal to have it inserted inside the body. 

Where should I buy a yoni egg?

In buying your yoni eggs, make sure that you're purchasing from a high quality source and that.it’s made of pure crystal! Beware of those $15 priced yoni eggs sold online, They are likely made in China and mixed with plastics and other metals. These are not safe to use! A high quality egg should be between $60 and $100. We recommend these beautiful rose quartz yoni eggs from Meadow's Crystals.

Yoni eggs are magnificently beautiful tools! We highly recommend that you include these eggs into your self-care routine. Interested in learnin more? Sign up for our Embodied Wisdom course to learn how to track your cycle, heal your body with yoni eggs, connect your menstrual cycle with the moon and more! Get on the waiting list here!

Do you love working with yoni eggs? Let us know below!


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