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Why Healing Your Womb is Essential and Will Bring Back that Spark You've Been Missing

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Healing your womb is a life changing journey, and this blog post will definitely help! Want extra support? Download our FREE Herbal Remedies for Womb Health here and learn our favorite teas and herbs to reduce menstrual cramps and increase your health.


As women, our womb is a super source of power and energy that brings out wisdom, elegance and insight. Like a personal and guarded secret that we bear inside us, she guides us and inspires us.

In the ceremonies that I guide, I am often asked why I emphasize the womb so much and what I see in her. A few years back, I committed myself to working distinctly with the womb due to the evident detachment and disconnect I saw most women around me have to their wombs. Disconnected enough that uttering the word womb was almost considered taboo. These women also often felt dissatisfied with their lives as a whole. Whether it was problems with their partners or their lackluster jobs, they felt exhausted and empty from this deep internal disconnect that left them feeling lost.

And I get it. I felt this way for years and didn't realize how powerful this connection really was until I began the journey of healing my debilitating menstrual cramps and the deep pit I felt most days in my stomach from lack of purpose or direction.

The more I get to know my womb, the more I realized the massive potential inside every woman in this powerful part of our bodies. In our womb lies our intuition, creativity and our innate power as a woman. The womb is all things that define us as women; all divine, all sacred, all spiritual. When I began working with women and their connection with their wombs, I started to see massive changes. From just one session, retreat or conversation together, they started to feel different.

These women were blown away. They began to feel and hear their connection to their wombs. Though she might be shy in the beginning, soon enough their womb started guiding them and providing wisdom to these women. I saw women shift from lost and unclear to embodied and connected, just by connecting to their wombs. The transformation was always powerful. 

Women usually seek to work with me after they have gone through years of loss. They want to lead a life that is wild and free but they often do not know where and how to start without their wombs guidance. So I provide an open space where the womb can be heard, given attention, and awakened. Together, we process traumas, use the power of herbs and power through the blockages that has held her back from blossoming, springing out and being alive with her womb. 

Honestly, I cannot imagine a career more fulfilling and more powerful than this. Empowering and guiding women to bring out the amazing potential they have is so very special. You too can feel this fiery connection and live with your womb. By doing this, you'll find a path forward with clarity, guidance and a deep innate knowing.

Want some support? Get started by downloading your FREE Herbal Wisdom PDF to learn what little things you can do right now to heal your womb. And to get the support you deserve, apply now to work with me to bring back that spark you've been waiting for.

You can also purchase a womb meditation here if you prefer to reclaim your womb solo.

You can heal. You are powerful. Simply listen.

With gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder ND

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