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Why a Women's Circle Will Change Your Life

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Whether you are seasoned women’s circle attendee or a complete newbie, this post is definitely for you! And if you're feeling the call to start leading your own women's circles and guiding others, hop on the waiting list NOW for our Women's Circle Creatrix Training in 2020! The doors will open soon!


Hundreds, if not thousands of women seek support systems like women’s circles, often asking themselves, “How will women’s circles change my life? What makes it transformational?” These are questions we often get from sisters around the world.

Of course, we are more than excited to share why a women’s circle is so deeply nourishing for women.

Here are a few reasons why women’s circles are life changing~

1. Women’s circles offer a sacred space to support and empower women. This is a safe space for them to simply be women and to connect with like-minded sisters in their communities. Every participant is given the space to be raw, candid and authentic with who they are and how they feel.

Society can force us to feel like we must be a certain way or operate in a certain persona - whether it is as a career woman, a mother, a wife, a daughter - and this can take a toll on our true self. Taking on too much of these roles can also be deeply exhausting. A women’s circle gives women the space that they need to exist as who they are and not the role they need to play and remind women it is okay to be honest and raw. 

Through your best days and your rough days, you know that you are supported for simply who you are within the loving container of a women's circle.

2. Women’s circles are built to be safe spaces for women to heal and process difficult things together. It gives you the opportunity to share your vulnerabilities, release your stresses and heal your trauma with the support of a like-minded circle of women. It’s the most cathartic thing you could ever experience! Women in the circle are empowered to share their realities, be heard and also witness other women do deep healing work.

May it be processing heavy traumas from the past, sharing simple wins or celebrating something in your life, it always feels more sacred to be witnessed by your supportive community.

3. Women’s circles foster healing between women. This sacred container allows us to let go of fear of judgement or sister wounds and instead embrace the idea of the collective. Women’s circles give women a space to heal the wounds of the past and rejuvenate that feeling of safety and support in sisterhood.

4. You'll find like-minded women in your community. Women with like-minded interests and intentions gather in women’s circles. If this is what you seek, women circles provide an incredible avenue for you to meet new like-minded friends. 

One of the most fulfilling things to experience in women’s circles is witnessing life-long friendships and lasting connections between women form. Truly, women are meant to have close friendships together and stand together as sisters. If you're looking for women like you, find a circle near you.

Experience the magical feeling, sister. If you get a chance to go to a women’s circle, say no more. Go! You will definitely transform.

You can also checkout nearby women’s circle in your area in our Find a Women's Circle page!

Otherwise, if you feel that you are called to lead and create a women’s circle in your community, head on for or Certified Sacred Women’s Circle Creatrix Training! Learn and practice how to create a space in your community and lead powerful women’s circles. Read more on the Creatrix Training here. 2020 dates will be announced soon so hop on the waiting list!

Let’s rise together, sisters!

In gratitude,

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