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The Truth About Birth Control {Podcast Episode 55}

Healing after birth control? Rebuilding your body and addressing hormonal health is essential about birth control, and we're here to help. Heal your cycles and rekindle your passion and purpose with Empowered Cycle with Cassandra Wilder ND. Click here to book your free 20 minute session with Cassandra and start getting support.


While many of us have been prescribed birth control, how many of us feel like we have a true understanding about how it works? Do you feel like you were empowered in your health when you went on birth control?

Sadly, most of us were not given the information we needed to make informed decisions for our health. In my practice as a Naturopath, I've worked with hundreds of women and helped them rebalance their cycles and heal post birth control.

So what are the side effects of birth control? Is it safe? It's healthy if you're still having a menstrual cycle, right? Or is the copper IUD a better option? Cassandra answers these questions and more in this week's podcast!

You'll learn how birth control works in the body, the key side effects that your doctor likely didn't tell you, common myths about birth control and what you can do right now to feel informed and empowered in your cyclical health.

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This episode has been requested for months and we're so excited to finally share it on the podcast with you all.

You can listen to the newest episode on the GoddessCeremony Podcast to learn more about birth control and how you can rebalance your cycle afterwards on the new episode below!

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