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The Most Transformative Women's Empowerment Seminar in SLC in 2020: Align + Activate!

Spots are filling fast for this life changing event in Salt Lake City for women in 2020! Find your community of soulful women in Salt Lake City, UT and start living your purpose! Grab your spot NOW here!

After leading dozens of events in Utah over the years, we knew 2020 needed to be something extra special. We've been honored to work with thousands of women around the world through retreats and events and knew this year it was time to step it up and move into the seminar space!

We're incredibly excited and honored to announce our Salt Lake City women's empowerment seminar for May 2020! Join us at Align + Activate SLC this year to make 2020 the year you step into your purpose!

Combining the power of a retreat with the excitement of a seminar, Align + Activate is truly special! Intimate, empowering and community-based, this seminar will help you transform your wounds into your wisdom and start living your truth.

This is YOUR space if you have...

-ever wondered where people like YOU are

-felt stuck in understanding who you are

-wanted support and guidance on your healing journey

-wanted to cultivate a community of powerful women in Salt Lake City

-craved an exciting, fun and inspiring environment to do the inner work

-wanted to learn how to heal yourself and find your purpose

-dreamed of a space where you are loved, supported and celebrated!

Align + Activate is held May 2nd and 3rd, 2020 in Downtown SLC! This two day women's seminar focuses on reflecting on our stories, the experiences we've lived and the places we've gotten stuck and transforming them into our missions as we find our voices and purposes.

Speakers at Align + Activate SLC include: Cassandra Wilder ND, Hailey Meadow, Alison Pickett, Amanda Monroy Nelson, Stasia Bliss and more!

This WILL be the best women's empowerment seminar in Utah in 2020 so grab your spot now before they're gone!

Sign up for Align + Activate SLC here!

Admission also includes expert workshops and speakers, a beautiful workbook and manual, an exclusive sound bath healing, gorgeous swag bag, coffee and tea from King's Peak Coffee Roasters, community support and connections and so much more!

Salt Lake City - we're ready for you! Grab your spot before they're sold out here!

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